Track Review: Deftones “Diamond Eyes” Diamond Eyes [2010]

The title track from the upcoming Deftones record, Diamond Eyes, has surfaced on this week.  This single is a heavy and brief ditty suitable for modern rock radio domination.

The chorus melody sounds more like 30 Seconds to Mars than classic Deftones.  However, the monstrous guitars of Stephen Carpentar sludge the track to the end, making up for the aforementioned mediocrity.

Lyrically, Chine Moreno delivers on “Diamond Eyes,” giving the fans another “run away” song in the likes of the band’s breakthrough hit, “Be Quiet and Drive.”

This is one more prominent glimpse into what to expect on Diamond Eyes.  In terms of relative awesomeness and brutality, “Rocket Skates” is a little bit better than the title track.

Deftones are Chino Moreno (Vocals/Guitar), Stephen Carpentar (Guitar), Sergio Vega (Bass), & Abe Cunningham (Drums).

Diamond Eyes comes out May 4, 2010.


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