Track Review: Soulfly “Rise of the Fallen” Omen [2010]

How sick is the new Soulfly song “Rise of the Fallen” from the upcoming album Omen?  It’s just balls out brutal!  Brazilian metal deity Max Cavalera has dropped another huge atomic hit on the scene.

The programming is insane, the groove is comprised of an unbridled intensity, and the tribal percussion is in full Roots-like form, devastating.  Nothing beats the release of ferocity following the trippy sitar break during the mid section; a classic Soulfly trademark.

Greg Puciato (Dillingen Escape Plan) rules the lead mic during the verses, representing one of the few elite voices that even has the right to belt it out alongside Cavalera.

Cannot wait for the release of Omen on May 25th.  With tracks like this, it is gearing up to be the most important day of the spring.

Soulfly is Max Cavalera (Vox/Guitar), Mark Rizzo (Guitar), Bobby Burns (Bass), & Joe Nunez (Drums).


One Response to “Track Review: Soulfly “Rise of the Fallen” Omen [2010]”

  1. […] Omen’s energy is relentless from the opening assault of “Bloodbath & Beyond” to the closing spiritual instrumental onslaught of “Soulfly VII” Everything in between is fierce and aggressive, and includes dashes of tribalism that never ceases to devastate (“Rise of the Fallen featuring Greg Puciato”). […]

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