Review: Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth [2010]

The Evil Elvis has returned from the depths of hell with one purpose: to kick you in the teeth with a riff heavy beast on Deth Red Sabaoth.  Joining the legendary Glenn Danzig is Tommy Victor on guitar, Steve Zing on bass, and Johnny Kelly on drums.

Danzig’s vocal performance is as strong as it was during the hit infused days of the early 90’s, however the album’s mixing buries bits of his voice. It would have been of better service to crank them up a tad.

Victor goes heavy on the harmonics during the first half of the disc providing a strong contrast between the giant guitar sound and high pitches. The early riffs of the record represent the acme of the release, but at times, due to the mix, sounds too distorted coming from the speakers (remember Metallica’s Death Magnetic?).

Kelly has been a workhorse these last two years. There was the Type-O gigs, Seventh Void, and now nailing the skins for Danzig. Needless to say, Kelly brings the dark and dense thunder that makes Danzig’s feel work.

The best material on the record is the eerie “On a Wicked Night,” the sinister “Hammer of the Gods,” “The Revengeful.” “Ju Ju Bone” is another delight as well as the powerful “Rebel Spirit” and “Pyre of the Souls pt 2.”

It is great to hear from Danzig once again, especially with a strong effort. It isn’t as great as the self-titled or Lucifuge, but Sabaoth does make you proud to be a Danzig follower again. By the way, how sexy is that skeletal temptress on the cover?

Danzig is Glenn Danzig (Vocals), Tommy Victor (Guitars), Steve Zing (Bass), & Johnny Kelly (Drums)

Track Listing:

  1. “Hammer of the Gods”
  2. “The Revengeful”
  3. “Rebel Spirit”
  4. “Black Candy”
  5. “On a Wicked Night”
  6. “Deth Red Moon”
  7. “Ju Ju Bone”
  8. “Night Star Hel”
  9. “Pyre of the Souls pt. 1”
  10. “Pyre of the Souls pt. 2”
  11. “Left Hand Rise Above”



6 Responses to “Review: Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth [2010]”

  1. november 13th. 1974 ,amitty-ville………!long island. new york, the famous hellish…..murders…that……night in…history. glenn danzig….knows that house…bizzare! he never fore get,s….( crank it up alway,s… been…..deep cold darkness inside…… number 13 something… about it strange. and for (danzig)…. thanks! again:

  2. niro ceaser 666 Says:

    112 amityville……..horror…murders……ronald defeo jr. house is haunted you will.. believe!

  3. ronald defeo jr, Says:

    eerie side thumbs up! .

  4. ronald defeo jr, Says:

    eerie side 2 thumbs up!. 4 danzig,

  5. ronald defeo jr, Says:

    errie side 777 thumbs up! 4 danzig number 13,

  6. thumbs up! 4 danzig and the new stuff as well!. thanks.

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