Nza’s Review: Stone Temple Pilots – Stone Temple Pilots [2010]

It’s been 9 years since Shangri La Dee Da has been released and about 1 year since I personally wrote off the Stone Temple Pilots. Or Have I? When I first learned that STP was putting out a new album, I couldn’t care less. I’ve been let down by this band simply for the fact of Scott Weiland being the ultimate frontman and always fearing he would throw it all away. So, I set aside my personal politcs about them/him and gave STP another shot.

Well, it was a good choice. The new self-titled STP Is quite the album. Tapping into a Nirvana-ish chours in ” Between The Lines,” the song isn’t so bad after a second listen. ” Take A Load Off ” easily can be a Core Purple B-side (maybe it is). The irrestible Aerosmith-esque “Huckleberry Crumble” gets you instantly hooked; seeing that the STP boys love that 70’s rock sound that WE all love.

Paying homage to the Snot/Punk God Johnny Rotten, Weiland gives you a little more than syllables on ” Hickory Dichotomy.” The DeLeo Squared and Kretz band are tighter than ever and makes you believe that these boys were definitely not on hiatus when Weiland fronted Velvet Revolver.

The album does have its share of fillers but it really doesn’t slow or lose its focus in the process. Lyrically weird but acceptable, makes you continue to think, what the hell does Weiland think about while penning these tunes? As for a stand out tune on this album, “First Kiss On Mars” is sooo groovy that you feel you are listening to some real good David Bowie.

All in all, STP is back…hopefully they stick around this time.

Stone Temple Pilots are Scott Weiland (Vocals), Dean DeLeo (Guitars), Rob DeLeo (Bass), & Eric Kretz (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Between the Lines”
  2. “Take a Load Off”
  3. “Huckleberry Crumble”
  4. “Hickory Dichotomy”
  5. “Dare if you Dare”
  6. “Cinnamon”
  7. “Hazy Daze”
  8. “Bagman”
  9. “Peacoat”
  10. “Fast as I Can”
  11. “First Kiss on Mars”
  12. “Maver”

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