Nza’s Review: Gaslight Anthem – American Slang [2010]

Two Albums For The Working Class Punk Out There (Part I)

Ever come across an album that you can listen to from start to end, then repeat the process over and over? I’ve had the privilege of getting not one but two in the same week. The Gaslight Anthem’s American Slang and Against Me! White Crosses are two 5 star albums that I’ve been listening to in rotation since getting them.

I’ll start with American Slang. Gaslight Anthem just plays the right hooks and gives us a great rock album clocking in just under 33 minutes. Kicking this jem off is “American Slang.” The build up in the first measure gets you hooked and soon there after, GLA cuts you to ribbons with a song that Generation Now can grasp and associate with.

Now think if you mixed Young Springsteen and Mellencamp with a little polished Social Distortion you get  ” Bring It On.” I don’t understand how a band could give you such a catchy chours and amazing harmonies in 3 minutes. GLA pulls it off 10 times because I kid you not, this album does not have one bad song on it.

Part barbershop quartet, part awesome Tom Petty “The Diamond Church Street Choir” gives you the chills posing the question “Who does it better than we do?” At this point, I cant answer that. They are killing it and this album is simply amazing.

“Boxer” reminds of a John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown circa Eddie and The Cruisers tune, and personally they rock even harder than they ever did. Just go get this because I promise you, this is going to be the next BIG thing -NZA

Gaslight Anthem is Brian Fallon (Vocals/Guitars), Alex Rosamilia (Guitars), Alex Levine (Bass), & Benny Horowitz (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “American Slang”
  2. “Stay Lucky”
  3. “Bring it On”
  4. “The Diamond Church Street Choir”
  5. “The Queen of Lower Chelsea”
  6. “Orphans”
  7. “Boxer”
  8. “Old Haunts”
  9. “The Spirit of Jazz”
  10. “We Did It When We Were Young”

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