Review: Papa Roach – Time For Annihilation…On The Record And On The Road [2010]

Papa Roach [noun/adjective/verb] Definition: an uncontrollable force that makes you hate yourself for not hating a particular band or artist Origin: from an alt-metal band that was popular among the tortured new millennium-era suburban middle class teenager. Example: Dude, did you hear that new Lady Gaga song on Z100? Yeah man, it Papa Roached my ass, however it didn’t quite Linkin Park my balls.

Mainstream rock radio’s pals of the early 2000s, Papa Roach, employ an interesting concept on their latest disc that contains some new stuff and some live old stuff.  Time For Annihilation…On The Record And On The Road is not quite an EP nor a live album, but a mixture.

The first 5 tracks are the hard rocking newbies, while the last 8 songs are the live favorites. As a metal fan, I should not give these guys the time of day, however I always found it difficult to be a hater. As cheesy as “Last Resort” was when it came out, that riff is damn catchy.

Later, a stronger single was released named “Between Angels and Insects.” Now the band was proving that there was more substance and power to them. Both of these songs appear on the live half and serve as high quality renditions, sounding true to the original studio versions (the work of overdubs?).

“Burn” is a solid opening track, although you don’t get that impression until the chorus (“I wanna watch you burn”). The arena anthem “Kick in the Teeth” a la Gary Glitter was the first official single. I’m sure I will be hearing plenty of it in the upcoming NY Rangers hockey season at the Garden.

However, the hottest hit from this release will, without a doubt, be the tasty ballad “No Matter What.”  “The Enemy” is a classic sounding Roach tune with a strong intro riff from Jerry Horton. Jacoby Shaddix sings about running away from an enemy inside, and doing whatever it takes to survive.

Time for Annihilation is the perfect disc for fans of the alt-metal system.  You get five new songs that bring the old school vibe that fans love and awesome live tracks of the greatest hits.  This is a great transitional album to their new record label, Eleven Seven Music.

At the end of the disc, Shaddix asks you to text $5 to WhyHunger.  It is not exactly the type of hidden track  we are used to, but a nice gesture by the band to say the least.

Papa Roach is Jacoby Shaddix (Vocals), Jerry Horton (Guitars), Tobin Esperance (Bass), & Tony Palermo (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Burn”
  2. “One Track Mind”
  3. “Kick In The Teeth”
  4. “No Matter What”
  5. “The Enemy”
  6. “Getting Away With Murder (Live)”
  7. “To Be Loved (Live)”
  8. “Lifeline (Live)”
  9. “Scars (Live)”
  10. “Hollywood Whore (Live)”
  11. “Time Is Running Out (Live)”
  12. “Forever (Live)”
  13. “Between Angels and Insects (Live)”
  14. “Last Resort (Live)”

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