Review: Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier [2010]

The latest Iron Maiden album, number 15 for those keeping track, is freakin’ awesome. The Final Frontier is skull-crushingly brutal. Maiden is a beastly machine that grows stronger and stronger with every new epic masterpiece.

This record certainly brings the thunder, about 76 minutes worth in fact. The 10 new songs contain classic Maiden vibes (“The Alchemist”) as well as dirty conjurations (“Starblind”) heard on more recent releases like Brave New World and Matter of Life and Death.

Here you will find brilliant grooves (“Coming Home”), fist pounding beats (“Satellite 15…The Final Frontier”) courtesy of Nicko McBrain, and sick bass riffs (“El Dorado”) with a progressive edge. Steve Harris is the man!

The triple guitar attack of Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers are in full force. The shredding leads (“Mother of Mercy”) will bury you in ash long before you even think to escape. Haunting classical guitar sounds don “The Talisman” before a heavy scourge of riffs incite complete disaster.

Bruce Dickinson’s vocals are dead on as usual, losing nothing over the years, but everybody knows that. The only part of the album that is a bit off-kilter is the first 4 minutes 35 seconds, containing a percussive redundancy that is not entirely necessary.

The Final Frontier is another victory for the pioneers and legends of heavy metal. As always with Maiden records, this disc gets better with every listen.

If this album does not debut at #1, then its pure shame that the inhabitants of Earth hath brought.

Iron Maiden is Bruce Dickinson (Vocals), Dave Murray (Guitars), Adrian Smith (Guitars), Janick Gers (Guitars), Steve Harris (Bass), & Nicko McBrain.

Track Listing:

  1. “Satellite 15…The Final Frontier”
  2. “El Dorado”
  3. “Mother of Mercy”
  4. “Coming Home”
  5. “The Alchemist”
  6. “Isle of Avalon”
  7. “Starblind”
  8. “The Talisman”
  9. “The Man Who Would Be King”
  10. “When The Wild Wind Blows”

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