Nza’s Review: Slayer – Live DVD 3 Pack Box Set – “Live Intrusion,” “Still Reigning,” & “War At The Warfield” [2010]

It was my honor to view not one, not two, but three Slayer DVDs, all in a row baby. Got the whiplash and bleeding pupils but I will give ya’ll what u came for, the reviews:
First up is Live Intrusion. Making its DVD debut, this one captures the thrash titans during one of their heaviest periods (if that’s even possible because they never really ever soften up), the 1995 “Divine Intervention Tour.” In the first 5 minutes of the video we get a disciple of Slayer cutting Slayer permanently into his skin and then setting it a flame to have the permanent tag stick. DEDICATION? MUTULATION? Call it what you will.
Opening with the blistering “Raining Blood” is a treat because nowadays you have to wait for this gem, kididdies. The audience is insane, the camera work captures its madness perfectly and leaves you thirsty for blood and carnage. Shredding through classicks like “War Ensemble,” “South of Heaven,” and “Hell Awaits,” Slayer thrash and destroy all. 4 Pentagrams
Secondly, Still Reigning proves indeed that Slayer does reign and takes no prisoners in the process. Thrashing out the entire Reign in Blood record is a site to see and it should be mandatory to any upcoming metal bands that wanna see what it takes to master the art of shredding. Reunitng on this tour with Dave Lombardo, Slayer kills it in the first set and then returns to the stage for 6 more classicks “War Ensemble,” “Hallowed Point,” “Necrophiliac,” “Mandatory Suicide,” “Spill The Blood,”  and “South Of Heaven.” This disc offers more with a Slayer Fan appreciation and nice retrospect of the early days of Slayer. 4.5 Pentagrams
Last and certainly not least, War at Warfield is the must have out of the bunch of DVDs. Filmed at the Warfield Theatre in San Fransisco during the “God Hates Us All Tour,” the thrash titans are relentless. They show no mercy and definitely show no signs of slowing up 15 years into their career. Other than Reign in Blood and the new (BEST) World Painted Blood, God Hates Us All has some of my favorite Slayer tunes on it, and its cool to hear some of those tunes here like “God Send Death,” “Disciple,” and “Bloodline.” Get this now! 5 Pentagrams
I hate to mention Dashboard Confessional and Slayer in the same sentence, but after seeing both bands many times, Slayer concerts share a similarity with Dashboard shows. They don’t need to sing their tunes, the fans will. It is truly a sight to see. I look forward to seeing them, Megadeth, and Anthrax on the “American Carnage Tour.” If you are too chickenshit to see them in the flesh, get this. If you are a fan, you already have them! -NZA
Box set is available in the Slayer store

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