Review: Megadeth – Rust In Peace Live [2010]

How can this live album possibly fail?  Rust In Peace is one of the top 10 greatest heavy metal albums of all time.  Dave Mustaine along with classic bassist David Ellefson (“Dawn Patrol” anybody?) deliver a powerful performance of RIP along with the awesome powers of lead shredder Chris Broderick.

In addition to the nine perfect live RIP tracks, you get seven bonus tracks of fan-favorites including “Skin O My Teeth,” “Peace Sells,” “Symphony of Destruction,” and “Trust.”  This live disc was mixed and mastered with just the right intensity.  It’s ultimately a very fitting and refreshing 20-year tribute.

One small thing lacking from this live program is Mustaine’s entertaining stage banter.  You get the sick live tracks but the audience interaction between the tunes is nonexistent, which is disappointing because Mustaine is one cool metal dude.  However in all fairness, “Holy Wars Reprise” does offer some shout-outs to Los Angeles and band introductions.

Rust In Peace Live is a great live tribute to a true thrash masterpiece.  Also, Broderick’s guitars are so crisp and dead-on that he makes it very difficult to miss Marty Friedman.

Megadeth is Dave Mustaine (Vocals/Guitars), Chris Broderick (Guitars), David Ellefson (Bass), & Shawn Drover (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due”
  2. “Hangar 18”
  3. “Take No Prisoners”
  4. “Five Magics”
  5. “Poison Was The Cure”
  6. “Lucretia”
  7. “Tornado of Souls”
  8. “Dawn Patrol”
  9. “Rust In Peace…Polaris”
  10. “Holy Wars Reprise”
  11. “Skin O’ My Teeth”
  12. “In My Darkest Hour”
  13. “She-Wolf”
  14. “Trust”
  15. “Symphony of Destruction”
  16. “Peace Sells”

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