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Top 10 Spotify Playlists for Rock and Metal

Posted in Spotify, Uncategorized on November 23, 2019 by gearsofrock

Spotify is loaded with thousands upon thousands of user-generated, corporate curated, and algorithmic playlists that bring together mainstream music acts with the independent artist sector. Some playlists claim to be perfect for a certain mood or activity, other playlists look to straight-up kick your ass. These are the best rock, punk, and metal playlists that are currently killing it in the underground scene.

#1. Indie Underworld Rocks

Indie Underworld Rocks features amazing independent hard rock and heavy metal bands like Aron Scott Earthquake, Black Rose Reception, Blood of Angels, Carmilla, Countess, Creep Scene, DemonScar, Farmacyde, Fiction Syxx, Hammer Down Hard, David HK, Adam Hyman, No Free Rides, Scythian Fate, Shadow of Everest, Silence the Crow, Sin Seer, True the Gray, Ukranium, and Vane. Recent and past additions include Cynical Existence, Residual Self, and The Unawake State.

Bottom line: If you like Bolt Thrower, Death, Jinjer, Motörhead, Slayer, Slipknot, and Twisted Sister then this is your game. Follow, listen, and share that playlist with the metal fam.

#2. Indie Underworld Presents

Indie Underworld Presents is kind of like an unofficial sister playlist to the Rocks playlist above. This diverse and often brilliant assortment of tunes ranges from traditional indie rock to alternative rock to heavy rock. It stars the greatest independent up-and-coming rock acts such as Agency Panic, All Taken, Billycock, Audrey Burne, Drearia, Dr. Snik, Empire of the Vampire, Grimsteel555, Honey Bone Rush, Last Snow, Pablo Mercedes, Jazz Patterson, Room: IV, Sanguine, Sound Ninja, Tough on Fridays, and Unfortunate Sons. Recent and past additions include Kittenhead, Agustin Tagliabue, and ToneDead.

Bottom line: If you are a fan of music in general then this is your playlist. It’s traditional, experimental, and very catchy. The hooks on this mixtape are absolutely intoxicating.

#3. Indie Rock Central – Uprising Artists

Indie Rock Central – Uprising Artists is a monster hard rock playlist that has seen tremendous growth over the past couple months. It represents a powerful blend of mainstream and indie bands, from stoner rock to classic metal. You will find the likes of David HK, InRegalia, and Nightwalkers alongside Celtic Frost and Ghost. This is truly an eclectic mix.

Bottom line: If you like Anthrax, Clutch, Deep Purple, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Kyuss, and Tool then add the Indie Rock Central to your daily streaming routine.

#4. R’n’R for the Masses

R’n’R for the Masses represents everything that is going right in the indie rock universe. This isn’t nearly as heavy as some of the recommendations above, but don’t even think of overlooking this talented roster. Some of the best bands on this playlist are Brass Monkey, David Bucci, Igga Cousins, Cruel Horizon, Dead South, Eric and the Soo, Hooten Hallers, Jam-Tako, NASP, Phoenix and the Silvervoodoos, and Rufusking.

Bottom line: Sometimes we need music for studying, relaxing, self-reflection, and soul searching. R’n’R for the Masses gets all these jobs done.

#5. I Want to Rock

Danzig, Dio, Faith No More, and W.A.S.P.! Need we say more? Ok, add the thunderous sounds of Dream Troll, Rainbow, and Twisted Sister to the mix. I Want to Rock is one killer hard rock collection.

Bottom line: Classic hard rock galore best sums up I Want to Rock!

#6. Metal Meal Uprising Artists

We all need a good hearty metal meal from time to time and that’s what you get on Metal Meal Uprising Artists. This playlist is absolutely brutal. Consider that your warning. Scarf down some Bitch Dust, Diabolic Possession, Grizzly Horse, and Soul Grinder. Binge and purge, baby!

Bottom line: Death! Death! Deathhhhhhh!

#7. #NowPlaying: metal classics and underground gems

#NowPlaying: metal classic and underground gems has been tearing up our ears for a long time. This one thrives on its steady diet of Countess, Iron Maiden, Heartscore, Manowar, Methane, Metallica, and Saxon.

Bottom line: It’s hard to call yourself a metalhead if you aren’t down with the #NowPlaying playlist.

#8. Ultimate Punk

Ultimate Punk is the one place stop for classic and independent punk rawk music. This one features veterans and legends alike. We are talking Black Flag, Circle Jerks, DemonScar, Fear, Legendarium, Minor Threat, Motörhead, Sex Pistols, Sharp Violet, This Side of Anarchy, SOD, Spiral Rocks, Suicidal Tendencies, and Surf Punks.

Bottom line: Ultimate Punk is perfect for unleashing all that negative energy, anger, and frustration. Crank this one loud and pump those fists.

#9. Barbarians at the Gate

Like the other Spotify playlists here, Barbarians at the Gate goes far beyond the snoozefests of the business-oriented “Rock This” and “Kickass Metal” playlists made by the so-called music experts and curators employed by Spotify. The real beasts of heavy rock ‘n’ roll live on the fringe. These are the bands you aren’t listening to right now and it’s not your fault. This is your chance to discover undiscovered cream of the crop.

Bottom line: Barbarians at the Gate will simultaneous punch you in the face, kick you in the groin, and take your lunch money, yet, you will come back for more.

#10. Rock, Punk and Alternative Rock

Rock, Punk And Alternative Rock is a fearless mixture of independent and underground music, which is curated by TetheredToTheVoid. You will find bands like Black Gremlin, Canary, Crash Midnight, Gasoline Gypsies, Kill Star, Late Night Legacy, Mother of Tuna, Saboteurs, Stereo-Tips, and Young Other.

Bottom line: Modern rock that isn’t for the faint of heart. Good grooves, melodies, and hooks all around.

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