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Review: Apocalyptica – 7th Symphomy [2010]

Posted in Apocalyptica on September 10, 2010 by gearsofrock

I remember strolling the CD aisles of Nobody Beats The Wiz at the local mall in high school like it was yesterday.   Every Saturday I would stop to pick up Apocalyptica Plays Metallica By Four Cellos.  First I would chuckle, mumble “uh that’s interesting,” then put it back on the rack to only repeat the same process the next week.  This is why I find it so interesting that Apocalyptica has become such a legitimate and well-respected international heavy metal act.  Now on their seventh studio album, aptly titled 7th Symphony, the band continues to show that they are much more than a one-disc folly.

The Finnish wizards of the cello have certainly evolved since their Metallica tribute, enlisting the aid of some of rocks most relevant frontmen:  Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Cristinia Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, and Till Lindemann of Rammstein.  And let’s not forget the invincible drumming by Dave Lombardo of Slayer.

7th Symphony plays much the same way as the band’s recent records by offering vocals by four more prominent vocalists including Joe Duplantier of Gojira, Gavin Rossdale of Bush, Lacey Mosley of Flyleaf, and Brent Smith of Shinedown.  Almost needless to say, Duplantier is the clear victorious destroyer of the bunch; however, Rossdale’s vocal performance on “End of Me” is also pretty sick.

“Broken Pieces” featuring Mosley could pass for any of the Flyleaf singles that have been released in the past.

The rest of the songs are instrumental performances.  The opening “At The Gates of Manala” is a harrowing journey through the Finnish underworld or realm of the dead.  Agonizing string work dons the seven-minute trek over a fiery river of death.

“Rage of Poseidon” is a jittery thrash frenzy lasting nearly nine minutes while “On The Rooftop With Quasimodo” gushes with progressive melody. Lombardo delivers a thunderous onslaught of his own on “2010,” with his rapid footwork.

For those that download the disc from iTunes, the band offers a really chill cover of Black Sabbath’s “Spiral Architect” which is iPod worthy.

7th Symphony is another metal victory for the cellists of doom.  It is the perfect mix of mainstream rock diligence and progressive competence to engage all heavy listeners.

Apocalyptica is Perttu Kivilaakso (Cello/Additional Vocals), Paavo Lötjönen (Cello/Additional Vocals), Mikko Sirén (Drums/Additional vocals, & Eicca Toppinen (Cello/Additional Vocals).

Track Listing:

  1. “At The Gates of Manala”
  2. “End of Me”
  3. “Not Strong Enough”
  4. “2010”
  5. “Beautiful”
  6. “Broken Pieces”
  7. “On The Rooftop with Quasimodo”
  8. “Bring Them To Life”
  9. “Sacra”
  10. “Rage of Poseidon”

Video Review: Apocalyptica “End of Me (Featuring Gavin Rossdale)” 7th Symphony [2010]

Posted in Apocalyptica on July 3, 2010 by gearsofrock

As symphonic metal wizards, Apocalyptica, gear up for the August release of 7th Symphony, the video for leading single “End of Me” is now surfacing.  For this particular track the cello blitzkrieg is joined by none other than Gavin Rossdale from that wimpy ass band from the ’90s Bush.

I’ll confess right now: Bush was and still is somewhat of a guilty pleasure and I have actually bought tickets in the past to see them live (and I am straight and married). As far as Rossdale’s lead vocal role in “End of Me,” he does a sick job.

The main riff is very Bush-ish in nature and most likely the band’s intention.  It worked for Bush’s “Machinehead” as a radio hit and it works for Apocalyptica too, except it’s way more interesting to hear it from a cello.

In the video, the band appears to be rocking out a cathedral while a dancing temptress in black appears and vanishes in black smoke; always, a classy metal move.  For most of the video, Rossdale doesn’t appear with the band, but rather in a corner trying to act too sexy for his black shirt.

The chorus is as catchy as mono and the midsection breakdown features a circle of rock from Apocalyptica. By the end, the sexy temptress (not Rossdale) dissipates as the love ends.

You can watch the video at Apocalyptica’s official site now.

Apocalyptica is Eicca Toppinen (Cello), Paavo Lötjönen (Cello), Perttu Kivilaakso (Cello), & Mikko Sirén (Drums).