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Review: Idiot – Demo [2008]

Posted in Idiot, SOS Metal Update with tags , on December 28, 2008 by gearsofrock

amazon-idiotIdiot is a Metro NY area trio whose eight-track endeavor (Demo) showcases a band with a heavy sound made for the modern age. Changing over from fragile to frantic on the drop of a dime, this squad can flex its metallic muscle a la Deftones and Chevelle with the best of them (“Frankie Sharp,” “6”) yet can equally take to the heavens to bring down a dose of ethereal atmosphere a la Muse (4) while even delving into the electronic side of the spectrum to close out the affair (8). Unleashing a slew of slamming dynamic shifts with blistering guitars and booming bass fluctuating throughout while providing a well-balanced hybrid of pristine rock ‘n roll finishings and knuckle-dragging aggression, Idiot  has crafted a supple supply of forward thinking metal that fans of today’s brand of brain-powered heavy will unquestionably adore. SOS