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Breaking Metal News: Kerri Lee from “That Metal Show” Found Dead

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Updates: Kerri Leigh Tucker, a Cleveland native, was only 27 years old at the time of death. Funeral services are 2:00 p.m. on Saturday Dec. 12 in the chapel of Fike Funeral Home. Cause of death still unknown.


There have been several rumors circulating the web today that Kerri Lee (Kerri Leigh Tucker), also known as Miss Box of Junk on VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, was found dead in her apartment last night.

At this time there is not much information but several sites including Maximum Threshold and Lee’s page at have reported and referenced this unfortunate event.

Photojournalist Rob Klein, who has worked with Lee in the past, left the following comment on her profile:

“O.M.G. REST IN PEACE KERI LEE… I loved working with you and you were just about to LIVE YOUR DREAM… too soon, girl! We will all miss you!”

So far, there are no comments regarding this matter on the websites of Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson, the hosts of That Metal Show.

However Trunk’s page showed the following message several hours ago:

“Woke up in LA today to hear the horrible news that Kerri Lee, miss box of junk on TMS, has passed away. More news when I get it.”

Kerri Lee Tucker won the honor of “Box of Junk Girl” and made her debut on the first episode of season two.

Our thoughts, wishes, and prayers are with Lee’s family in this very difficult time.


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Recap: “That Metal Show” Season 2 Episode 4 [3-28-09] Rob & Lips of Anvil

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metalshow_logo3Last night’s episode of That Metal Show, starring hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk, and comedians Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, featured special guests, Rob and Lips of Anvil.

The hosts discussed the degree of cheesiness of hair metal bands, and provided a comparitive analysis to today’s hip-hop and pop music, which ended with a fiery declaration from a turtle neck-sporting Florentine.

Rob and Lips from the band and rockumentary, Anvil: The Story of Anvil served as this week’s guests and focus. The episode featured several clips of the movie displaying the hardships of the band’s touring.

kerri-lee-boxKerri Lee [left], looking her best yet, escorted the Box of Junk for “Stump The Trunk.” Trunk went 2 for 4 keeping his seasonal average at .500.

Buckcherry’s Black Butterfly was “The Pick of the Week” because of their modern interpretation of the classic hard rock sound. This was a disappointing choice because the host’s should be acknowledging more exciting bands such as Airbourne and The Answer, both of which do it much better.

“Whatever Happened To” concerned the whereabouts of the members of Savatage who are essentially the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Randy Rhoads battled Eddie Van Halen in “The Throwdown.” Jamieson, Rob, Lips, and the audience sided with Rhoads. Once again Trunk chose the unpopular side. My take is that Rhoads is clearly more important to Heavy Metal than EVH, but EVH is still important to Hard Rock.

Next week’s guest is Duff McKagan and features an interview with Lemmy!

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Recap: “That Metal Show” Season 2 Episode 3 [3-21-09] Gary Cherone & Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme

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metalshow_logo2This week’s episode of That Metal Show, starring hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk and comedians Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, featured Extreme’s Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt.

The hosts opening discussion concerned whether the age of iTunes is killing the full rock album. Florentine, Trunk, and Jamieson all agree that digital releases are bad—not the most exciting opener.

amazon-extreme-saudadesBettencourt and Cherone of Extreme talked about why they decided to embark on the reunion record Saudades de Rock and tour. “We  are out of money,” said Cherone with Bettencourt nodding in acquiescence. When Bettencourt was touring with The Satellite Party in Europe, he realized that many Extreme fans missed the band.

Florentine and Jamieson went to London (Hammersmith Odeon) to trick Motorhead fans similar to the Van Halen prank of season one. They convinced a fat guy to donate his shirt, play the drums on his stomach, and to rip his underwear. “This is how we do it in Canada,” said the hapless plumper.

This week Trunk answered two out of four questions correctly. Kerri Lee brought out the box of junk where one contestant won Rock Band 2 and another received The Unholy Alliance DVD.

There were several “Picks of the Week” in this episode: Florentine picked Janko Jones, Jamieson chose The Binges, and Trunk recommended Richie Kotzen.

The email of the week asked: Whatever happened to Jason Newstead? Newstead did Echobrain, Voivod, Rock Star Supernova, Ozzfest tour, and he was invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction of Metallica. Unfortunately, we learned nothing new.

“The Throwdown” debate consisted of the meanest metal album: Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power or Slayer’s Reign in Blood. Cherone, Bettencourt, Florentine, and Jamieson picked Pantera while Trunk chose Slayer because the question was “meaner album.” Florentine noted that Vulgar makes you violent.

Next week episode will feature Rob and Lips of Anvil.

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Recap: “That Metal Show” Season 2 Episode 2 [3-14-09] Frank Bello

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metalshow_logo1This week’s episode of That Metal Show, starring hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk and comedians Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, featured the foul mouthed hilarity of Anthrax’s Frank Bello.

The hosts began the show by examining the reasons why European metal festivals are better than US festivals such as Ozzfest. Florentine noted that diversity of the bands on the lineups in Europe is a major factor because the bands on the second stage of Ozzfest sound identical.

Anthrax bassist Frank Bello came out blazing with doodie humor and cuss words galore! He talked about Dan Nelson, the fourth singer of Anthrax, his tour with Helmet, and a backstage photo with Florentine from the late 80’s.

In a pre-recorded interview with Anthrax, guitarist Scott Ian dominated the microphone and told an amusing story of Nelson dropping a deuce when Bruce Dickinson wanted to congratulate him on an excellent gig. Nelson also sported a New York Rangers hockey jersey when performing at a gig in February which immediately won me over.

amazon-rock-band-2Eddie Trunk went 2 for 3 on “Stump The Trunk.” Box of Junk girl, Kerri Lee escorted the box to the winning contestant who picked out Rock Band 2, and Frank Bello picked out a Kissology DVD. Trunk’s season 2 average thus far is .667 (4/6) with a lifetime average of .516 (16/31).

The “Pick of the Week” is the movie I Love You Man and the segment featured an interview with stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segal who talked about the role of Rush in the film and meeting the band for the first time.

“The Throwdown” matched up Van Halen I with Appetite for Destruction for the best debut album. Bello, Trunk, and Florentine argued Van Halen while Jamieson and the audience sided with Appetite.

Frank Bello was an excellent guest this week because everyone can appreciate doodie humor. Florentine and Jamieson are very comfortable in their roles compared to last season and they throw out much better one-liners. However, this episode lacked the energy of the Vinnie Paul and Mike Piazza shows. Perhaps it was Trunk’s lame buttoned down tan shirt. Next week’s guests are Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme.

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Recap: “That Metal Show” Season 2 Episode 1 [3-7-09] Vinnie Paul

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metalshow_logoAfter journeying through four hours of Heavy: The Story of Metal, VH1 Classic debuted the second season of That Metal Show, starring hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk, comedians Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, and special guest Vinnie Paul of Pantera, Damage Plan, and Hell Yeah.

Before bringing out Vinnie, the hosts briefly discussed the reception of Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy since its release in November. Trunk, Florentine, and Jamieson were split on the success of the record due to exclusive retailing contracts and fan indifference.

Legendary drummer Vinnie Paul walked on the set from the front of the audience instead of side stage sporting a bad ass black cowboy hat and black button down shirt fully exposing his signature thick Texan chest hair. Paul mentioned his adult entertainment facility, The Clubhouse in Dallas because he was partying there the night before the taping. The discussion turned to the recently released book about his deceased brother, titled Dimebag Darrell: He Came To Rock and said a few emotional words about Dime’s character. Vinnie concluded the interview on a high note announcing a new release on Big Vin Records called Seventh Void featuring Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly of Type-o-Negative [editor’s note: please send us a promo copy as soon as possible!].

The comedic bit concerned the search for the “Miss Box of Junk” who would have the job of escorting the Box of Junk during “Stump The Trunk.” Jamieson, Florentine, and a random guy sat on an American Idol styled panel as strippers, a burlesque dancer, a molecular biology major, and nitwits presented their box skills. One auditioner made this hilarious comment: “I don’t have much experience with black box. Jim, you do right?” (haha…Robin Quivers joke).

stump-the-trunk-2-1Trunk answered a Cinderella and Rush question correctly on the first “Stump The Trunk” of the season. However, in order for the viewers to meet Miss Box of Junk, he had to miss the third question concerning Dream Theater’s debut album When Dream and Day Unite. Kerri Lee from Tenessee brought out the Box of Junk for the stumper, who picked out a copy of Wolfmother’s Dimension, which is a very lame prize since the CD is a couple of years old now and it’s a cheap prize. Last season, someone received Rock Band 2. Trunk is 2 for 3 thus far opening his stats at .667 and raising his career average to .500.

Thin Lizzy’s Still Dangerous: Live at the Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977 from the “Renegade Tour” was the “Pick of the Week.” Dave King of Fastway was the topic of “Whatever Happened To.” Trunk noted that King is the lead singer for the Irish American Celtic punk band Flogging Molly.

amazon-metallica-death-magneticOld Metallica (Kill – Justice) vs. New Metallica (Black – Magnetic) was the subject of “The Throwdown.” Paul chose old but admitted that Death Magnetic made Metallica a better live band. Trunk also sided with the old stuff. Florentine and Jamieson both picked new Metallica which proved to be very unpopular with the studio audience. Florentine comitted metal heresy when he said that he liked St. Anger on national television. Jamieson commented that he thought Death Magnetic is their best album ever. Needless to say, the audience overwhelmingly went with old Metallica.

The first episode of season two contained an awesome guest in Vinnie Paul. Jamieson and Florentine tossed more funny one-liners at each other rather than at Trunk. Florentine wore a gray That Metal Show t-shirt instead of a cool band shirt like last season and the fixed “Stump the Trunk” segment was disappointing. They should work on making the bit more natural in the future. Next week’s guest is Frank Bello of Anthrax.

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Recap: “That Metal Show” Episode 8 [1-10-08] Best Of Season 1

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metalshow_logoThat Metal Show starring hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired a “Best of Season 1” show for its eighth episode  on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

The hosts showed and discussed some of their favorite moments while sitting in their usual chairs in the show’s studio sans audience. The first segment showed was the first segment they taped which was Florentine and Jamieson messing with the Van Halen fans outside of Madison Square Garden [Episode 1]. Florentine wore a cool Metallica “Fuel Pit” long sleeve shirt while he and Jamieson screwed around with some blond metal dude with a Brooklyn accent  over Wolfgang Van Halen playing bass. This bit was much funnier the second time around.

Next, they showed their favorite guest moments such as: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush joking about how their drug habits changed [Episode 7]; Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater talking about the one year [1992] his band had a female fan base [Episode 4]; Dee Snider and Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister reminiscing about Snider’s congressional hearings [Episode 3]; Lita Ford crying while thinking about being away from her fans for a long time; Yngwie Malmsteen shredding on his Strat [Episode 2]; Mike Piazza’s first Kiss concert [Episode 5]; Ace Frehley of Kiss considering his greatest moment, Trunk’s wedding or playing MSG [Episode 6]?

fuel“The Best of” show recognized all of the times that Gene Simmons came up as a topic for discussion throughout season one. Piazza did his best Gene impression [Episode 5], French tore into Gene’s greediness [Episode 3], and Frehley made fun of Gene’s “Family Jewels” show on A&E [Episode 6].

“Stump The Trunk’s” memorable moments were shown next and it became clear that Florentine’s cracks at Trunk during “Stump The Trunk” make this segment worth keeping. I was surprised that the large chesty blond woman was not included in this “Best of” piece as she seemed to carry a certain presence as a studio audience member throughout the season.

Trunk, Florentine, and Jamieson revisited the tattoo parlor prank played on Trunk [Episode 4]. This time around it seemed less scripted as they showed new footage of Trunk calling his sick wife whom he left to drive NYC for the prank.

My favorite guest moment of the season was the final piece shown on this “Best of” episode—the drunken Mike Piazza Guns N’ Roses story [Episode 5]. We learned that they filmed this story after the official taping. I actually wondered why their wasn’t more interaction with the audience during this hysterical concert memoir.

In conclusion, the first season of That Metal Show was more of a success than a failure. While many critics bashed the pilot episode, I only saw the potential for growth and this show has clearly grown throughout its inaugural season. I am proud of VH1 for finally producing a decent Hard Rock show—it has been far too long and I am looking forward to what season two will have in store.

Here is my episode ranking of That Metal Show excluding the “Best of” show:

  1. “Mike Piazza & AC/DC” [Episode 5] 12-13-08
  2. “Twisted Sister” [Episode 3] 11-29-08
  3. “Mike Portnoy” [Episode 4] 12-06-08
  4. “Rush” [Episode 7] 12-27-08
  5. “Ace Frehley” [Episode 6] 12-20-08
  6. “Yngwie Malmsteen” [Episode 2] 11-22-08
  7. “Lita Ford” [Episode 1] 11-15-08

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Recap: “That Metal Show” Episode 7 [12-27-08]

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metalshow_logo3That Metal Show starring hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired its seventh and final all-new season 1 episode on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

The hosts opened the show with a discussion of recent trends in music distribution by bands like Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC, referring to their decisions to exclusively sell their latest albums in Best Buy and Walmart, respectively.

“I can [also] do Christmas shopping for my girlfriend,” joked Florentine about purchasing Black Ice from Walmart. Jamiseon pointed out that this trend is not good for “ma and pa” stores.

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush were this week’s special guests. “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, are you kidding me?” said Trunk right off the bat, referring to the Hall’s inappropriate decision to not induct Rush. Lee did not seem to mind but felt sorry for the fans that care.

amazon-rushOn the bright side, Rush was incorporated into the hit video game Rock Band 2. Lee thinks that the game is “terrific” because it turns on kids to rock and roll. Lifeson agreed  that the game is “wonderful” because more kids will become excited and learn to play a real instrument.

Recently Rush released Snakes & Arrows live DVD. Jamieson noted the band’s sense of humor on the DVD because the band performs with a running dryer and a chicken rotisserie cooking on stage.

Rush does not have an opening act these days and takes an intermission between sets. “We’re getting old,” said Lee.

Lee and Lifeson noted that the reason Rush has lasted for over 30 years is that they get along really well, they are friends, and they laugh together. “I’m still into drugs,” joked Lifeson, meaning prescription medication.

Trunk went 2 for 3 on this week’s “Stump The Trunk” segment. He answered questions concerning Kiss and Brides of Destruction correctly but could not remember Megadeth’s mascot, Vic Rattlehead. Trunk’s final average for the first season is .480 (12/25).

amazon-classic-rockThe “Pick of the Week” was Classic Rock magazine from Great Britain which happened to have Rush on the cover. Florentine described the magazine to be “like old school Kerrang!”

This week’s “What ever happened to?” email concerned the whereabouts of White Lion guitarist Vito Bratta. According to Trunk, he “chooses to stay home.”

“The Throwdown” debate was a battle between the ’80s video vixens, Tawny Kitaen and Bobbie Brown. Lifeson, Lee, Florentine, Jamieson, and the studio audience chose Kitaen. Jamieson mentioned that Kitaen married David Coverdale who is “cooler than Jani Lane.” Florentine joked that she “dated OJ and is still alive.” Trunk chose Brown, however, citing that Kitaen is a “whack job.”

Overall, the final all-new season 1 episode was another delight for hard rock and heavy metal fans. Lee and Lifeson of Rush proved to be entertaining guests that brought a heightened sense of humor to the episode. Florentine was also funnier, particularly during “Stump The Trunk” when Eddie was trying to get half-credit for the Megadeth question.

Since Trunk finished the season under .500, I wonder if they will bring “Stump The Trunk” back for season 2.  Whatever their decision may be, I am sure season 2 will only get better as the hosts have made improvements in each episode as they have all settled into their roles on the show.

According to Eddie Trunk’s official website,, season 2 begins filming in February. If you are interested in getting tickets to a taping then make sure you are registered with his website.

In the meantime, you can watch the full episodes of That Metal Show on

Recap: “That Metal Show” Episode 6 [12-20-08] Ace Frehley

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metalshow_logo2That Metal Show starring hard rock DJ Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired its sixth episode on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

The first topic of discussion concerned classic metal bands that reunite for tours without original members. Florentine noted that Guns N’ Roses works because Axl Rose is one of the best frontmen of all-time. Jamieson pointed out that Lemmy could tour without the rest of Motorhead but not vice versa. The same holds true for Dave Mustaine and Megadeth. I would have liked to hear their views on Skid Row touring without Sebastian Bach.

amazon-ace-frehleyAce Frehley, the legendary lead guitarist of Kiss, was this week’s special raspy-voiced guest. He talked about his new band, return to the stage, playing Madison Square Garden [I believe this was in reference to the Pearl Jam concert where he performed “Black Diamond” during their encore on June 25, 2008], developing guitar effects, and Trunk’s wedding.

However, the interview was boring until Trunk asked Frehley how he felt about Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley dressing up guitarists in Frehley’s makeup and costume on tour. Frehely took several seconds to think before answering, “Am I happy about it? No.”

Frehley also finds Simmons realty show to be hysterical.

amazon-rock-band-2Florentine and Jamieson hit the Bowery Ballroom to interview tribute bands for David Bowie, The Bee Gees, Motley Crue, and David Lee Roth. While this segment was far from electrifying, the Asian female version of “Tommy Lee” was amusing.

Following the segment, Frehley noted that he saw a great Kiss tribute band in Canada.

This week two out of three fans stumped Trunk on “Stump The Trunk.” One audience member received a full Rock Band 2 video game set for Xbox 360 after Trunk could not answer a Rainbow question correctly. Trunk was in disbelief and wanted to check the accuracy of the questions. For the record, Trunk’s average fell further below .500 to .455 for the first season (10/22).

amazon-anvilThe “Pick of the Week” was Anvil: The Story of Anvil, a documentary about a Canadian heavy metal band that few have ever heard of but managed to release 14 albums over the years. Legends such as Slash and Lars Ulrich pay tribute to the band in the beginning of the movie. The hosts agreed that the documentary was sad and funny. “I actually cried,” said Florentine.

The email of the week concerned the whereabouts of Gregg Giuffria following Angel, Giuffria, and House of Lords. It turns out that he owns a casino and rights to a special slot machine that plays music. If you are ever in Biloxi Mississippi, then stop by his Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

“The Throwdown” was a “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” Ozzy vs. Dio debate. Space Ace Frehley chose Ozzy because Kiss opened for Black Sabbath in the early days. Trunk sided with Dio because Heaven and Hell was his first Black Sabbath record. Florentine chose Ozzy. Jamieson went with Ozzy while joking that Dio was “the best Rainbow singer.” This was the first show in which “The Throwdown” was not divided in half among the hosts and special guest.

amazon-krokusEpisode 6 of Season 1 was not a great show in comparison to the Twisted Sister, Mike Portnoy, and Mike Piazza episodes. The Florentine and Jamieson street segment turned out lame and Frehley is not a dazzling guest or interviewee. I must say, however, that Florentine sported a cool vintage red Krokus t-shirt throughout the episode.

Next week’s show is the final new episode of Season 1 that features Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee of Rush.

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Read my post of the June 25, 2008 Pearl Jam show that featured Ace Frehley on his signature Les Paul guitar

Recap: “That Metal Show” Episode 5 [12-13-08] Mike Piazza

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metalshow_logo1That Metal Show starring hard rock guru Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired its fifth episode on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

Episode 5 began with the question, “Do people care about new music from classic hard rock bands?” Florentine made the point that the classic bands only play one or two of the new tracks live and he disliked the trend of rerecording and/or remastering old records. “That is why I ripoff Columbia house,” said Florentine.

Jamieson cracked that “Christine Sixteen” is now in the nursing home. The hosts agreed that the bands that have stuck to their guns such as Metallica, AC/DC, Judas Priest, and Motorhead still release albums that are worth buying and hearing live.

piazzaBaseball’s all-time greatest hitting catcher, Mike Piazza was this week’s special guest who is a die hard Heavy Metal fan.

“Johnny Bench is here?” joked Jamieson as Piazza was introduced.

Mike Piazza talked about his first Kiss concert between 1977 and 1978, as well as his uncle’s role in introducing Piazza to the universe of rock.

Trunk and Piazza told a story about a Guns N’ Roses show they attended at Madison Square Garden in 2001. Axl Rose did not make it on stage until 12:30 a.m., so Piazza and Trunk hung out at the open bar for far too long. Piazza did some entertaining drunk impressions of himself from that night.

Rose took the stage wearing team jerseys of the local team’s top players throughout the performance. He wore a Messier, Strahan, Jeter, and even a Metrostars jersey. A highly offended and intoxicated Piazza yelled at Rose while standing on his seat for most of the set. Later, at the meet and greet, Piazza confronted Rose who was very apologetic. Florentine joked, “That is why Axl has been isolated for the last 12 years.”

Trunk and Florentine interviewed Brian Johnson and Angus Young of AC/DC during a pre-recorded segment. They asked them the typical questions: Where have you been? School boy attire? Practical jokes…etc. A coffee chugging Young was barely audible throughout the short interview but he said that he couldn’t play without his uniform on. Throughout the interview Florentine seemed obsessed with Young’s rear end.

Trunk went 2 for 4 on this week’s “Stump The Trunk.” A familiar “Gary from the Bronx” [asked a question on a previous episode] stumped Trunk on a Sabbath Bloody Sabbath question, and another dude stumped him on a Spaghetti Incident question. Trunk answered Florentine’s young nephew’s question correctly as well as a Dokken bass player question posed by Jen of Long Island. Trunk’s seasonal average is now .474 (9/19).

amazon-rules-of-hellThe “Pick of the Week” is a Black Sabbath box set, The Rules of Hell, which features all of the Dio recordings. “I’m not gonna get it again,” said Florentine referring to the show’s opening discussion about re-issues.

The “Email of the Week” concerned the 80’s Kiss guitarist Vinny Vincent. Trunk talked about a sex change rumor and how Vincent sued Kiss for songwriting credit. Piazza did a Gene Simmon’s impression about Kiss’s superior lawyers winning the suit.

This week’s “Throwdown” was the “Battle of the Brits: Judas Priest or Iron Maiden?” Piazza and Florentine sided with Maiden while Jamieson and Trunk went with Priest. They seem to purposely split 50/50 every episode. Trunk argued that there would be no Maiden without Priest, and Jamieson added that, “they don’t mind working with a gay guy.” The debate broke down into better replacement singer, “Blaze or ‘Ripper’ Owens.” Predictably, Tim “Ripper” Owens dominated that quick discussion. The audience sided with Priest however the hosts never asked the audience how they felt about Maiden.

Season 1 Episode 5 featuring Mike Piazza is enjoyable, entertaining, and interesting but too short. Piazza was not as involved in the episode as Mike Portnoy, and I am sure Piazza had plenty of funny stories to share. Hopefully, there will be future specials that are one hour in length. Since, they filmed a couple shows a day, there were familiar faces and boobies in the audience; I am pretty sure Gary from the Bronx asked a question in an earlier episode and I know for a fact the large chested blond from last week was in attendance.

Watch the full episodes of That Metal Show on now.

Next week’s episode features Ace Frehley of Kiss.

Recap: “That Metal Show” Episode 4 [12-06-08] Mike Portnoy

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metalshow_logoThat Metal Show starring hard rock guru Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired its fourth episode on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

The first topic of discussion was “rockstars being rockstars,” with much emphasis on Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. Jim Florentine made reference of the STP show at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey on May 31, 2008. Florentine, who attended the show with then girlfriend Robin Quivers, labeled it as a “crummy show,” due to Weland’s tardiness and his stumbling across the stage for the set’s duration. I have made reference to this appalling performance on several posts and was happy to see it get attention on television. It was among the worst concerts I attended in 2008.

Jamiseon pointed out that he wants “rockstars to be rockstars,” citing Zakk Wylde’s beer guzzling antics. Trunk pointed out that Wylde needed to tone it down after a recent medical scare, and that we may see Wylde shift to tea drinking.

amazon-dream-theater-motionThis week’s special guest of honor was Mike Portnoy, the legendary drummer of the progressive metal band Dream Theater. Trunk asked about Dream Theater’s ever growing and highly loyal fan base over the last 20+ years, despite receiving no radio or video airplay. Portnoy noted the lack of female fan base saying that it is only “our five wives…girlfriends…daughters” at DT concerts and they are usually miserable. Portnoy acknowledged it is easier to be faithful to their wives but there was one year in 1992 when they had some female fun with the success of “Pull Me Under.”

Other DT topics discussed included the recent release of Chaos In Motion 2007-2008 live album and DVD, Portnoy’s induction into Modern Drummer Hall of Fame, and an upcoming studio album that is currently in the works. Trunk noticed DT’s “old school” approach to recording—the band moves into an expensive NYC recording studio for five moths to write and record their albums. Portnoy said, “we are the only band stupid enough to spend half a million dollars on a record.”

ufo-logoThe next segment was pretty cheesy and scripted as the show’s hosts, along with Portnoy, visited a tattoo parlor known as East Side Ink in the East Village of NYC. Trunk thought that they were meeting a girl that was going to get a tattoo of the logo of That Metal Show. It turned out that Florentine, Jamieson, and Portnoy really wanted to convince Trunk to get a U.F.O tattoo instead. Trunk debated getting the tattoo and felt that he should have his kid’s initials if anything. Florentine joked, “they don’t have your kid’s initials, I already checked.” At the end of the skit, the viewer was left to believe Trunk got the U.F.O. tat but revealed to the studio audience that there was nothing—the audience booed. I would like to note that Jamieson wore a sweet “Sabbra Cababra” shirt throughout the skit.

amazon-ted-nugent-sweden“Stump The Trunk” was interesting this week as Trunk fielded three questions (rather than four) and there was more participation from the special guest, Portnoy. First, a long haired shaky guy asked a W.A.S.P. drummer question which Trunk nailed. Second, a giant chested fake blond woman asked about the original 1982 Exodus lineup. Trunk couldn’t answer correctly and she received the Ted Nugent Sweden Rocks DVD. The final question came from a skinny drummer with the actual drum notes of DT’s “6:00” on his arm. Portnoy guessed the song based on the clue “1995.” The skinny drummer asked Trunk about Tesla’s Five Fan Acoustical Jam, which Trunk also incorrectly answered, making him 1/3 on this episode—Trunk is now batting under .500 with a .467 (7/15).

The “Pick of the Week” is the Judas Priest concept album, Nostradamus [read our review here], released over the summer. Trunk urged everyone to revisit the record because there are many great tunes that flew “under the radar.”

amazon-extreme-saudadesAn email came in regarding the status of Extreme and the submitter left off with “Hi Jim.” Florentine joked that there is a “rub and tug” up in Conecticut, however Julie is not a Russian name. Trunk responded that Extreme recently released Saudades de Rock [read our track-by-track review here] and they are currently on tour. Why this fan didn’t know this is beyond me.

“The Throwdown” debate was “Britny Fox vs. Brittney Spears.” Portnoy chose a pre-rehab Spears as he is a long time fan, and Jamieson likes Spears because he has seen her privates. Trunk and Florentine sided with Fox because of the sexy girls in the video for “Girl School,” and because this is a heavy metal show. The audience, however, seemed to side with Spears.

Overall, another good episode as the guests have become more involved with each show. I also believe that Florentine and Jamieson are still worthy to discuss hard rock related topics given this forum. However, the tattoo bit was too scripted and cheesy.

Next week’s guest is one of my favorite baseball players of all-time, future Hall of Famer Mike Piazza.

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