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Review: We Insist! – Oh! Things Are So Corruptible [2008]

Posted in SOS Metal Update, We Insist! with tags on April 24, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-we-insistFreewheeling French troupe We Insist! throw convention to the wind on their latest release OH! THINGS ARE SO CORRUPTIBLE, weaving a durable alternative metal safety net channeling Faith No More, Primus, Clutch and  System of A Down while embedded impressions of quirky rock and a predominant level of jazz (propelled by a call and response between the patented twin saxophone presence) assert importance. This 12-track offering sweeps through speakers with determined density, at times displaying the frantic power of a renegade juggernaut on the lam (“Time is Lazy,” “The Sailor”) while demonstrating a love for the dark and cinematic (“Early Recollections,” “Half Awake”) . Capturing an unorthodox amalgamation of  rhythmic swerves,  psychedelic grooves and whiskey-soaked jangle , this oddball sextet’s bottomless bag of intriguing musical textures amped with an intoxicating intensity bestow tracks like “Imperial Catechism” a hearty stomp and “The Great Disorder” an icy chill. This disc’s herky-jerky nature and off the grid train of thought is not for everyone, but for those who crave more creativity in their rock music, this one delivers. -Mike SOS