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Track Review: Deftones “Diamond Eyes” Diamond Eyes [2010]

Posted in Deftones with tags on March 29, 2010 by gearsofrock

The title track from the upcoming Deftones record, Diamond Eyes, has surfaced on this week.  This single is a heavy and brief ditty suitable for modern rock radio domination.

The chorus melody sounds more like 30 Seconds to Mars than classic Deftones.  However, the monstrous guitars of Stephen Carpentar sludge the track to the end, making up for the aforementioned mediocrity.

Lyrically, Chine Moreno delivers on “Diamond Eyes,” giving the fans another “run away” song in the likes of the band’s breakthrough hit, “Be Quiet and Drive.”

This is one more prominent glimpse into what to expect on Diamond Eyes.  In terms of relative awesomeness and brutality, “Rocket Skates” is a little bit better than the title track.

Deftones are Chino Moreno (Vocals/Guitar), Stephen Carpentar (Guitar), Sergio Vega (Bass), & Abe Cunningham (Drums).

Diamond Eyes comes out May 4, 2010.

Track Review: Deftones “Rocket Skates” Diamond Eyes [2010]

Posted in Deftones with tags on March 4, 2010 by gearsofrock

“Rocket Skates” is a brand new Deftones tune that surfaced in late February.  It is the first single from the upcoming album Diamond Eyes that is due out on May 18.  Unfortunately, injured bassist Chi Cheng is not yet able to resume his duties for this record.  Stepping in for him is Sergio Vega from Quicksand.  Even though Cheng’s bass is not around for the latest material, “Rocket Skates” turns out to be a well-crafted song that is heavy, melodic, ferocious, and beautiful.

The guitar riffs of Stephen Carpentar in the intro and throughout the rest of the single are hypnotizing.  Abe Cunningham establishes a powerful groove on the drums while maintaining a very chill ambiance.  Chino Moreno continues to be one of metal’s most interesting frontman especially from a stylistic perspective.  He owns a voice that he can call his own, a modern day rarity.  Yes, it is very upsetting that Cheng is still recovering from his tragic car accident and could not be part of this, but Vega is probably the best hired gun for the Deftones at the moment.

“Rocket Skates” is a good effort, perhaps the best single since “Minerva” and is absolutely worth the free download at  Diamond Eyes will certainly be an album to watch for this spring.  Click on the link below to play and own this dangerous concoction of “guns, razors, knives,” wooh!

Deftones is Chino Moreno (Vocals/Guitar), Stephen Carpentar (Guitar), Sergio Vega (Bass), & Abe Cunningham (Drums).

“Rocket Skates” is currently available for free download at

Review: Nonpoint – Cut The Cord EP [2009]

Posted in Nonpoint with tags on November 30, 2009 by gearsofrock

Alternative metal veterans Nonpoint serve up a five-track EP that features so-so acoustic renditions from their eight year old studio catalog.

Luckily the band chose to leave the annoying “Bullet With A Name” song off of the Cut The Cord EP. The five songs chosen however offer a somewhat eclectic mix that displays their ability to rock with a Spanish guitar flare (“Rambia”), mainstream rock radio pizzazz (“What A Day”), an aggressive strumming screamer (“Victim”), and a profound ballad (“Your Signs”).

Even though the guitar harmonics in the verses are done well, “Circles” turns out to be the least interesting tune in the mix due to the highly predictable and repetitive chorus; Incubus covered this concept better on 2001’s Morning View.

Overall this effort is a decent extended play disc that should hold off fans until Nonpoint finishes recording their next studio album –Meds

Nonpoint is Elias Soriano (Vocals), Zach Broderick (Guitar), Ken Charman (Bass), & Robb Rivera (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “What A Day”
  2. “Circles”
  3. “Rabia”
  4. “Victim”
  5. “Your Signs”

Cut The Cord on Amazon.comOfficial

Review: We Insist! – Oh! Things Are So Corruptible [2008]

Posted in SOS Metal Update, We Insist! with tags on April 24, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-we-insistFreewheeling French troupe We Insist! throw convention to the wind on their latest release OH! THINGS ARE SO CORRUPTIBLE, weaving a durable alternative metal safety net channeling Faith No More, Primus, Clutch and  System of A Down while embedded impressions of quirky rock and a predominant level of jazz (propelled by a call and response between the patented twin saxophone presence) assert importance. This 12-track offering sweeps through speakers with determined density, at times displaying the frantic power of a renegade juggernaut on the lam (“Time is Lazy,” “The Sailor”) while demonstrating a love for the dark and cinematic (“Early Recollections,” “Half Awake”) . Capturing an unorthodox amalgamation of  rhythmic swerves,  psychedelic grooves and whiskey-soaked jangle , this oddball sextet’s bottomless bag of intriguing musical textures amped with an intoxicating intensity bestow tracks like “Imperial Catechism” a hearty stomp and “The Great Disorder” an icy chill. This disc’s herky-jerky nature and off the grid train of thought is not for everyone, but for those who crave more creativity in their rock music, this one delivers. -Mike SOS

Announced: Faith No More Reunion Summer 2009 European Tour Dates

Posted in Faith No More, Shows with tags , on April 9, 2009 by gearsofrock

Faith No More, the legendary alt-metal group featuring Mike Patton, Billy Gould, Roddy Bottum, and Mike Bordin, have announced the following European dates for this summer. While US shows could follow, guitar god Jim Martin will not be part of the reunion—very disappointing.

Jun. 12 – Download – Donington Park UK

Jun. 13 – Greenfield – Interlaken, Switzerland

Jun. 14 – Rock in Idro – Milan, Italy

Jun. 19 – Nova Rock – Nickelsdorf, Austria

Jun. 20 – Southside – Tuttlingen, Germany

Jun. 21 – Hurricane – Scheebel, Germany

Jun. 24 – Kaisaniemi Park – Helsinki, Finland

Jun. 25 – Hovefestivalen – Arendal, Norway

Jun. 27 – Peace & Love – Borlänge, Sweden


Classic FNM Performance: