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Review: In The Black – Iota [EP 2009]

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amazon-in-the-blackLondon-based rockers In The Black offer the raw, intense, and refreshing four track Iota EP. The organic attitude reflected on the first two tunes “Blindman” and “If I told You” is reminiscent of The Ramones and the early days of Pearl Jam. “Don’t Call Me,” the band’s alt-punk rock anthem is the catchiest of the four, and the final track “Iota” shows that the band has more depth to their Vines-ish sound. The live mix on “Iota” is a tad rough and, aside from the intros, the first three tunes sound very similar. In The Black is a band with great potential, however, it is difficult to get a solid read from this affair. I am looking forward to a full studio album release from these pint guzzling pub rawkers in the near future. B

Review: Willie Basse – The Money Grind [2008]

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amazon-willie-basseWheeling out a healthy dose of hard rock histrionics, Willie Basse returns from the shadows of session musicianship and studio ownership to release his new 14-track endeavor THE MONEY GRIND. Formerly fronting the Los Angeles mainstay Black Sheep (whose name he fortuitously sold to the rap band from the early ’90s), there’s no denying that Basse’s crunchy songs and powerful vocals rip it up with all of the pomp the ’80s dictated, sounding at times like a cross between Y&T and Bulletboys  (“Unloveable”, “Don’t Waste My Time”). While it’s a tough call to really tell if songs like the reggae-infused “Yesterdaze” will strike a chord with fans of his target audience, there’s enough material found on this disc to satisfy those who crave the big sound songs like “It’s Over” pump out. SOS

Review: Dropclutch – The Reason [2008]

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amazon-dropclutchUpstate NY quintet Dropclutch have incorporated the best moments from modern rock radio into their 10-track jaunt THE REASON. Heavy downtuned guitars, thunderous basslines, and tasty drum work fills out this unit’s Staind meets Godsmack by way of Seether approach on tracks like “Understand” and “Hollow,” while cuts like “Make Your Move” and “Over & Over” really hammer out the aggression a la Mudvayne. Armed with an accessible yet rumbling sound while demonstrating an endless array of bass and guitar chugging to keep the heads bobbing and the bodies grooving, there’s a place on your shelves between Sevendust and Nonpoint for Dropclutch’s latest fist-pumping release. www.dropclutch.comMike SOS

Review: Tragic Orange – Tragic Orange [2008]

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Tragic Orange Banner

Long Island alternative metal troupe Tragic Orange remember the time when melodic hard rock bands didn’t deprive the music of its balls by watering down their output with sappy ballads. Firing on all cylinders while implementing the old school attitude into their modern metal paradigm, this unit isn’t just another MTV-fed mall rock band despite prominently showcasing those influences. Coming off as a mixture of Our Lady Peace, Taproot and Chevelle, this unit’s eponymous debut showcases a band whose sweeping choruses and hard as nails hard rock histrionics sound ready for extreme sports soundtracks and WWE pay per views on cuts like “Pure and Simple”. Yet the durability of the band’s powerhouse rhythm section, who smoothly steer the disc through trouble spots while accentuating the album overall with a sparkling array of deep bass grooves and lush yet driving percussion, sets Tragic Orange in a good position to jump onto the radar somewhere between Staind and A Perfect Circle.www.tragicorange.comMike SOS

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