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Review: Endstille – Verfuhrer [2009]

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Amazon EndstilleWarmongering German black metal squad Endstille attack once again with VERFUHRER, a scathing and abrasive nine-track affair. Incessantly blasting your skull with pounding percussion and decaying your ears with blood-curdling vocal rasps, this maliciously militant outfit doles out diabolical doses of mid-paced malevolence (“Symptoms”) whose razor sharp buzzsaw guitars cut to the bone (“Depressive/ Abstract/ Banished/ Despised”). Assuredly exhibiting a keen sense of dynamics by implementing slower waves of intensity to its arsenal (“Endstille”) while maintaining the band’s trademark penchant for administering skull-crushing barrages of monolithic crust-laden fury (“Hate Me…God?”), Endstille ‘s blackhearted single-minded approach conveys intense waves of blast beated and tremolo picked madness with just the right touches of innovation to shape this release’s belligerent battlefield aura. www.regainrecords.comMike SOS

3.5 StarsEndstille is Iblis (Vocals), L. Wachtfels (Guitars), Cruor (Bass), & Mayhemic Destructor (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Of Disorder”
  2. “Hate Me… God?”
  3. “Depressive/Abstract/Banished/Despised”
  4. “Ursprung”
  5. “Monotonusn”
  6. “Symptoms”
  7. “Suffer In Silence”
  8. “Dead”
  9. “Endstille (Verführer)”

GOR Recommends: Destroy Destroy Destroy – Battle Sluts

Review: Orcustus – Orcustus [2009]

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Amazon OrcustusAn authentic blast of malefic black metal arrives from the depths of depravity courtesy of Norwegian troupe Orcustus, whose eponymous full-length debut comes some seven years after this troupe’s initial introduction. Serving a barrage of vintage buzzsaw riffs (“Jesus Christ Patricide”) and hellacious vocal rasps that wouldn’t sound out of place from lauded black metal affairs of yesteryear (“Of Sophistry, Obsession, and Paranoia”), this unit (who can’t seem to keep a lineup intact) project grim ideals direct from the bowels of the abyss. Featuring ex-members of groundbreaking outfits Gorgoroth and Enslaved, this squad’s display of volatility and viciousness renders a bleak and raw old school assault (“Conversion”), conjuring an ominous sense of hatred and dread with every drum blast and bombastic bass reverberation (“Death and Dissolution”). Perfect for those who flock to the darkness, Orcustus has made a simple yet effective album cloaked in chaos and evil to the bone. www.southernlord.comMike SOS

2.5 StarsOrcustus is Taipan (Vocals/Guitars), Tormentor (Guitars), Infernus (Bass), & Dirge Rep (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Coil”
  2. “Of Sophistry, Obsession and Paranoia”
  3. “Conversion”
  4. “Jesus Christ Patricide”
  5. “Death and Dissolution”
  6. “Ego Sum Chaos”
  7. “Asphyxiokenisis”

GOR Recommendation: Wolves In The Throne Room – Black Cascade

Review: Burial Hordes – Devotion To Unholy Creed [2009]

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Amazon Burial HordesGreek black metal merchants Burial Hordes employ the primitive approach on their evil eight track sojourn into the abyss titled DEVOTION TO UNHOLY CREED. Armed with raw production values for an authentic black-metal-in-the-basement feel (“Hellborn”), a slew of skewered guitar riffs that range from jarring to muddy, and an unearthly vocal presence that sounds as if it crawled out of the catacombs. Tracks like “Infernal Necromancers” beguiles diabolical urges to come to fruition while “God’s Cutthroat” and “Abysmal Goatfeast” carry an impact to stand on their own, yet are forebodingly sandwiched in between a disturbing chant whose ominous tone solidifies each track’s morbid sense of dread and despair. Sinister and sinewy with a vicious bark and venomous bite, Burial Hordes have unleashed a vitriolic album that gives praise to its predecessors while unrepentantly damning the rest of society. www.pulverised.netMike SOS

3 StarsBurial Hordes is Cthonos (Vocals), N.E.C.R.O. (Guitars/Bass), Psychaos (Guitars/Bass), & Impaler (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Praise the Bloodcode of Hatred”
  2. “Devotion to Unholy Creed”
  3. “Infernal Necromancers”
  4. “Hellborn”
  5. “Gods Cutthroat”
  6. “Abysmal Goatfeast”
  7. “Splendid Destruction”
  8. “Stench of Immortal Doom”

Review: Impiety – Terroreign Apocalyptic Armageddon Command [2009]

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Amazon Impiety TerrAs brutal as a Singapore cane shot to the skull, Impiety does their homeland proud once again with another blistering blackened thrash release entitled TERROREIGN. Laden with a diabolical attitude which assists the impending decent into hell (“As Judea Burns”), this10-track sojourn into the chasm of evil melds crass old school death metal ideologies a la Hellhammer and Morbid Angel with a genuine sense of hatred fueling the apocalyptic one-two vocal assault and divebomb friendly guitar combination (“Bestial to the Bone”). Maintaining a frantic pace throughout while summoning the minions of the underworld to rise and fight the light to the death (“Goatfather”), Impiety’s caustic delivery and over the top metal wares catapult this veteran unit back to the head of extreme metal’s most sadistic acts. www.agoniarecords.comMike SOS

3 StarsImpiety is Shyaithen (Vocals/Guitar), Mike Priest (Guitar), Demonomancer (Bass), & Tremor (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Vientos de Holocausto”
  3. “Atomic Angel Assault”
  4. “Terroreign”
  5. “As Judea Burns”
  6. “Goatfather”
  7. “Bestial to the Bone”
  8. “The Black F*ck”
  9. “My Dark Subconscious”
  10. “Outro”

GOR Recommendation: Impiety – Dominator

Review: Vanmakt – Ad Luciferi Regnum [2009]

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Amazon VanmaktFar from reinventing the wheel yet capable to drum up some scare with their competent yet common strand of evil blackened metal, nefarious Swedish troupe Vanmakt blast their way through nine-tracks of misanthropic misery on AD LUCIFERI REGNUM. Dispersing a maelstrom of tremolo-picked madness (“Reincarnation Hatred,” “The Ascension”), this band employs a large sum of tried and true genre tactics and nuances to hammer its menacing message through unsuspecting skulls, yet it should be noted that if you already pledge allegiance to the most sadistic from the Nordic states, there’s nothing here you haven’t experienced before. Nonetheless, Vanmakt does an acceptable job of conjuring the spirits of the underworld and should appeal to those who like a mix of symphonic death metal with a bit more bite. www.pulverised.netMike SOS

2 StarsVanmakt is Mattias “Gorgoth/Morg” Svensson (Vocals), Magnus Wohlfart (Guitar), Victor “Vladr” Dahlgren (Bass), & Leidheim (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “The Second Key”
  2. “Brethren of Lucifer”
  3. “Endless Myth”
  4. “Re-Incarnating Hatred”
  5. “Ad Luciferi Regnum”
  6. “Id XIII Inferni”
  7. “The Ascension”
  8. “Beneath the Moor”
  9. “Written in Blood”

GOR Recommendation: Candlemass – Death Magic Doom

Review: Wolves in the Throne Room – Black Cascade [2009]

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Amazon WOlvesThrowback Pacific Northwestern trio Wolves in the Throne Room apply old fashioned recording techniques as well as the unit’s avid spiritual connection to nature to achieve black metal bliss on their latest four-track, 45-minute atmospheric excursion BLACK CASCADE. Using vintage gear to capture the rich tones protruding from the guitars on cuts like “Ex Cathedra,” this album’s majestic aura and dazzling ambient shifts prevail thanks to this recording being made on 2-inch tape, a method allowing the instruments to resonate with the depth and warmth digital cannot replicate. Reawakening the soul with a stirring blend of pagan ritual and melancholic malevolence, Black Cascade reveals a desperate cry to return back to a simpler life sans the value systems of modern society under a backdrop of tremolo-picked guitar and crashing drum mayhem. www.southernlord.comMike SOS

4 StarsWolves in the Throne Room is Nathan Weaver (Vocals/Guitar), Will Lindsay (Guitar/Backing Vocals/Bass), & Aaron Weaver (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog”
  2. “Ahrimanic Trance”
  3. “Ex Cathedra”
  4. “Crystal Ammunition”

Review: Gnaw – This Face [2009]

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Amazon GnawAn industrial black metal mindset laden with despair propels the malignant madness audible from Gnaw’s debut nine-track affair THIS FACE. This unconventional quintet (featuring members from avant garde metal troupes Khanate and Burning Witch) unloads an hateful assortment of non-linear noise rock, soul crushing doom, and exploratory electronics to create an eccentric and possessed sonic explosion. Led by a vocalist whose screeching rage fuels insanity (“Backyard Frontier”) while the band’s two bold sound designers create a cacophony of sound by implementing barrages of haunting feedback and gloomy overlays (“Ghosted,” “Talking Mirrors”), this unsettling endeavor emits an apocalyptic feel of being caught in the middle of the world crumbling down. www.conspiracyrecords.comMike SOS

3 Stars

Track Listing:

  1. “Haven Vault”
  2. “Vacant”
  3. “Talking Mirrors”
  4. “Feelers”
  5. “Backyard Frontier”
  6. “Watcher”
  7. “Ghosted”
  8. “Shard”
  9. “BYF (Reprise)”

Review: Naer Mataron – Praetorians [2008]

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Amazon Naer MataronSticking to their roots, Greek black metal troupe Naer Mataron unfurl an expected mix of blast beat mayhem, evil vocal croaks and shrieks, and wrath-inducing tremolo-picked guitars on their most recent album PRAETORIANS. This 11-track release maintains the authentic black metal template to a fault, retaining the genre’s trademark rawness sans any progressive tendencies. Making up for the album’s lack of surprises by stirring a hearty cauldron brimming over with pure demonic fury (“Incarcerating Gallantes”), despite the incessant drum blastings and primitive compositions detrimental to some, those hankering for a shot of true black metal will have nary a problem championing this resilient troupe’s latest endeavor. www.season-of-mist.comMike SOS

2.5 StarsNaer Mataron is Vicotnik (Vocals), Indra (Guitars), Kaiadas (Bass), & Warhead (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Anti-Celestial Campaign”
  2. “Ostara”
  3. “Sun Wheel”
  4. “Death Cast A Shadow Over You”
  5. “Secret Heritage”
  6. “Astral Anthology”
  7. “Soll Invictus”
  8. “Incarcerating Gallantes”
  9. “The Eternal Pest”
  10. “Eagle’s Nest”
  11. “Praetorians”

Review: Hellveto – Neoheresy [2009]

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Amazon HellvetoFeaturing six tracks connecting a pulled-back brand of black metal with massive Pagan and symphonic overtones, Polish one-man band Hellveto lays down a multi-layered metallic strike with NEOHERESY. Able to switch from tremolo-picked rage to serenity-laden subdued with relative ease (and more importantly with the audience following along), this disc possesses both a savage grace and a warmongering spirit, showcasing an orchestral belligerence somewhere between Emperor and Faith No More on “Milczace Sumienie” while “Taran” slithers with a sense of foreboding atmospherics. Strengthened by an omnipresent use of keyboards setting mood swings and overall aura, Hellveto has crafted a bellicose affair whose broad scope and non-traditional leanings will keep you guessing. -Mike SOS

3.5 Stars

Track Listing:

  1. “Tarzan”
  2. “Herezja”
  3. “Gdy Umiera Swit”
  4. “Milczace Sumienie”
  5. “Choragiew Ktora Splonie”
  6. “Sredniowieczna Egzekucja”

Review: Enslaved – Vertebrae [2008]

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Amazon EnslavedNorwegian metal merchants Enslaved have put out their most progressive album to date with their latest (and tenth!) offering, the eight-track VERTEBRAE. Far removed from their primitive origins, this squad’s psychedelic rock meets black metal approach takes Pink Floyd into the catacombs for a swirling sojourn into lands discovered by the likes of Opeth (“Ground”). Using a mesmerizing black metal foundation (“New Dawn”) to launch haunting riffs and atmospheric sections, Enslaved have realized the unimaginable possibility of making a black metal album boundless. Lurking with rich subtleties and a devastating sonic crush, Vertebrae showcases a stunning collection of music that requires multiple listens to fully appreciate the grandiose vision and creative splendor of Enslaved, yet stands strong as another top-notch release in the band’s impressive catalog. -Mike SOS

4.5 StarsEnslaved is Ivar Bjørnson (Guitar/Keyboards), Grutle Kjellson (Bass/Vocals), Arve Isdal (Guitar), Cato Bekkevold (Drums), & Herbrand Larsen (Keyboards/Vocals).

Track Listing:

  1. “Clouds”
  2. “To The Coast”
  3. “Ground”
  4. “Vertebrae”
  5. “New Dawn”
  6. “Reflection”
  7. “Center”
  8. “The Watcher”