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Miscellaneous Rock Links: Nickelback Against Guitar Hero, White Zombie Box Set…

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1. Nickelback quote of the day: “Set down the ‘Guitar Hero,’ learn how to play an actual guitar and start a band, because it’s hard to find more bands to put a solid rock-and-roll package together, to get out there. It’s getting harder and harder, but I think we’ve done it,” said Chad Kroeger []. There are about five reasons why this statement is hysterical. Can you find them all?

2. Chinese Democracy knock of the day: “Everything about “Chinese Democracy” is aggrieved and inflated. It was made with a rotating cast of characters that includes seemingly everyone in Los Angeles except for the actual members of GN’R’s classic lineup — it’s like a modern-day, heavy-metal WPA project” [].

3. White Zombie box set [4CDs/1DVD], Let Sleeping Corpses Lie to be released on Tuesday. Why? “I can see it, strangely enough, in the royalty checks. Every year the band makes more money,” said Rob Zombie [].

4. Some drunk guy at hockey game makes a list of top metal sports tunes. Not a bad list, but I would replace “The Fight Song” with “Disposable Teens,” and “Crush ‘Em” with any other Megadeth song [].

5. Don’t forget to tune in to VH-1 Classic at 11 p.m. tonight for the second episode of Eddie Trunk’s That Metal Show. The second season starts filming in February [].

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Miscellaneous Rock Links: Chinese Democracy Reviews, Axl’s Top Moments, Birmingham Metal

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1. The Chinese Democracy Quote of the Day comes from James Hetfield of Metallica: “I’ll certainly listen to it. But I haven’t lost sleep waiting for it.”

2. MTV lists their favorite Axl Rose moments with Chinese Democracy’s release just four days away.

3. Here is a mixed review of Chinese Democracy.

4. Kerry King of Slayer discusses why he won’t go for a beer with James Hetfield of Metallica anytime soon.

5. Will Birmingham ever celebrate its greatest contribution to western civilization?

Miscellaneous Rock Links: Brian May’s Disappearing Guitars, Elvis Wine, End of Slayer?…

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1. The guitars of Brian May [Queen] have mysteriously disappeared from Chinese Democracy track [].

2. Thrash metal legends, Slayer, will record two more records before calling it quits [].

3. Chris Cornell compares Timbaland to Pink Floyd. Ugh. C’mon Chris…get the long awaited Soundgarden reunion together and put us out of our misery [].

4. The Canadians are spinning to Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Testament to shed calories [].

5. Elvis Presley’s Graceland Cellars release new “Blue Christmas” wine for the holiday season to help spread holiday cheer [].

6. MTV and MySpace plan to make money from pirates? aargh [].

Review: Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” [2008]

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There are just 31 days left until the release of the highly anticipated Guns N’ Roses record, Chinese Democracy. The band’s official site contains an up to the second countdown clock to the album’s release. Fans also can get a taste of the title track, “Chinese Democracy,” which is currently streaming on

“Chinese Democracy” The title track of Chinese Democracy begins the album with siren noise, faint Chinese dialogue in the background, pounding toms, and an oriental style guitar buildup that concludes with a heavy three-chord riff. Axl Rose’s vocals then splash into the opening verse like a cannonball orchestrated by a chubby kid at the town pool — they sound buried and are diluted with other vocal tracks. Perhaps, Rose has lost some confidence in his ability from being away for so long. Additionally, lead guitar fills unnecessarily accompany almost every line of the verse. Axl uses his angry voice in the chorus and shouts out lines concerning “ruling with an iron fist;” it is a little difficult to determine the exact lyrics. The guitars aren’t shy to utilize the wah-wah pedal, and the leads, including the solo, are done very well. Rose’s melodies throughout the verses and choruses will most likely stick in the listeners head for the rest of the day. The musicianship is top quality in the realm of hard rock, but the production causes some concern. There is just too much going on within the song, which may potentially aggravate the listener.  7/10

Be sure to give a listen for yourself and let us know what you think of the tune.

Check out the Gears of Rock review of “Shackler’s Revenge”

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Review: Guns N’ Roses “Shackler’s Revenge” [2008]

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“Shackler’s Revenge” begins with an aggressive effect-filled riff, which may have been a product of over production. Axl Rose’s voice sounds good throughout the verse, but contains an unnecessary lower sounding vocal track. During the pre-chorus, the effect refreshingly disappears and Axl sounds fantastic. The vocal melody of the chorus will stick in the listeners head for days after the first listen. The song abruptly stops [2:13] and transitions into Bumblefoot’s guitar solo which is filled with innovative ax-trickery and several solid licks.

Overall, “Shackler’s Revenge” is a good modern rock song. Chinese Democracy will sound nothing like the Use Your Illusion records, as a band is allowed to evolve over time. Unfortunately, it has been so long since the last studio release that the fans have missed all of the evolutionary steps in between. As a result, listeners and fans may have a difficult time understanding Axl’s new sound. 7.5/10

Editor’s Note: This review is based on the Rock Band 2 track, and not the official studio version from Chinese Democracy.

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When Guns N’ Roses Ruled The World

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On this day in 1991, Guns N Roses’ Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II debuted on the Billboard charts at the number 1 [Volume 2] and number 2 [Volume 1] spots. Guns N’ Roses were the largest rock band of that time and had the potential to become the greatest ever. Take a few minutes today and indulge in the greatness of these records.

“November Rain” from Use Your Illusion I

…”You Could Be Mine” live in Tokyo.

Rumors have it that Chinese Democracy will be released for sale in Best Buy stores this November. However, Axl Rose – Slash – Duff – Izzy – Matt = very, very, very slim chance of Chinese Democracy being a great record. Again, we hope to be proved wrong.

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Chinese Democracy Coming November 25?!?

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antiMusic reports:

(antiMusic) The sky is falling, the sky is falling. But it does look like the long wait might finally be over. Blabbermouth reports: According to, it is rumored that Guns N’ Roses’ long-awaited new album “Chinese Democracy” will be released exclusively through Best Buy on November 25.

The source of the rumor is a supposed “vendor convention” that Best Buy had on Wednesday in Dallas, Texas.

Guns manager Andy Gould told the 900 employees the news about “Chinese Democracy” before previewing three songs from the album

Yeah right, we’ll believe it when we see it. The chances that this album is actually great are very, very, very, very slim. Please prove me wrong — I would prefer it to be amazing.

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