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Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” Will Win 4 (or 2) Grammy Awards Tonight

Posted in Grammy Awards, Metallica with tags , on February 8, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-metallica-death-magnetic1Historically, Metallica is 7 for 16 at the Grammy Awards which works out to be a measly .438 winning percentage. The official Gears of Rock prediction is that Metallica will walk away from the 51st Grammy Awards with a more respectable .550 (11/20).

Here is how it will work:

  1. “My Apocalypse” will win Best Metal Performance because Slipknot’s mediocre “Psychosocial” is the only posed threat. Slipknot lacks the history and the level of talent to compete with the Bay Area Thrashers.
  2. “Suicide & Redemption” will most likely take Best Rock Instrumental category. David Gilmour and Steve Vai are cool but undeserving of this award because Vai’s tune is a Frank Zappa ripoff and Gilmour’s track was recorded in Poland.
  3. The Metallica production team will win Best Recording Package without a doubt due to the fact that no one has ever heard of (or cared for) any of the other albums in the group.
  4. The one category I am worried about is Best Rock Album and that is due to the presence of Coldplay’s Living La Vida Loca or was it Viva La Vida? Death Magnetic should win with ease but the Academy has a soft spot for loser-riffic pop rock such as Coldplay.

Bonus Award: I would also throw Best Producer to Rick Rubin over (interesting play on a common name) and Danger Mouse (or Brian Burton by birth).

Other sites to watch for: What will the reunited Blink-182 do at the show and following the ceremony? Does Green Day have anyhting planned (hints have been placed on their website)? How hard will Sir Paul McCartney and David Grohl rock?

Addendum: Metallica took 2 out of the 4 categories above for Best Recording Package and Best Metal Song. They lost the instrumental category to Steve Vai’s Zappa cover and the Best Rock Album went to the non-rocking belly shirt wearing Coldplay.

Metallica Releases Bizarre Music Video With Disturbing Lab Tests & Zombies!?!

Posted in Metallica with tags , , , , , , on December 9, 2008 by gearsofrock

Today Metallica posted an interesting music video for “All Nightmare Long,” the latest single from Death Magnetic. The video contains Soviet scientists conducting strange experiments on meat, a deceased cat, and a human, which eventually leads to toxic zombie chaos in a cartoon format followed by live action havoc. Anyone care to interpret?

Rock Bummers: Robert Plant, Death Magnetic, Slash N’ Axl?

Posted in Guns n' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Rock Bummers with tags , , on October 3, 2008 by gearsofrock

Every week has its disappointing news, just as every Snoop dog has its day (yeah, that line makes little sense). Here are this week’s top rock and roll bummers and how we make ourselves feel better about each one.

1. Robert Plant crushes Led Zeppelin tour rumors

Seriously, a Led Zeppelin reunion tour would not be right for our pockets at the moment — while facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, how is a $200.00 concert ticket going to make any sense to a rational consumer? Yes, rock and roll addicts can make rational economic decisions too. [article].

2. Fans (and the album’s engineer) complain about the mixing of Death Magnetic

Please, just stop the complaining you whiners. Metallica’s Death Magnetic has an old school feel that almost all contemporary rock records lack. I don’t care about all of the Pro Tools magic and new recording gear — if an album lacks the raw rock attitude, then it is a failure no matter how well it is mixed [article].

3. Slash still can’t stand Axl

In an interview, Slash dismissed a fan poll that voted Axl Rose to be the new Velvet Revolver singer. Will you both please get over yourselves already. Especially now, since you need each other more than ever. I am willing to mediate and even serve as the band psychiatrist at a reduced rate — less than what Metallica was paying that dude with the lame Cosby sweater in Some Kind of Monster [article].


Review: Metallica – Death Magnetic [2008]

Posted in Metallica, Track-By-Track with tags , on September 5, 2008 by gearsofrock

“That Was Just Your Life” opens up Death Magnetic with a heartbeat and clean guitars. When the heavy guitars come in, the listener is entranced with a slow groove similar to a Type-O-Negative riff…but that is only very temporary. The song suddenly thrashes out with James Hetfield barking. You can definitely hear the …And Justice For All influence, as well as a bizarre Disturbed influence; listen carefully to the bridge’s vocal melody. A wonderful galloping metal riff takes us into Kirk Hammett’s shredding guitar solo; thank goodness and Satan they brought back the solos. 9/10

“The End Of The Line” was first heard by Metallica freaks live a couple summers ago. This is a solid metal song with fast riffs and also a tight melody. It has a great bluesy riff that sounds like something from the Load era; surprisingly, it works really well with the Justice feel of the record. There is an awesome metal pit stomp half way through the song before the guitar solo. Additionally, there is a soothing clean guitar part that Hetfield sings over, reminiscent of the “prayer part” in “Enter Sandman.” 8/10

“Broken, Beat, & Scarred” has a ferocious intro with a sick Mid-Eastern thing going on with the lead guitar; probably, the best beginning of any song on the record. This track contains solid dual guitar work on the main riffs. Hammett’s solo takes the listener on a journey full of bliss. Hetfield has shown us that he is still capable of writing lyrics that are not full of cheese, like we experienced on “Invisible Kid” [St. Anger]. 9/10

“The Day That Never Comes” begins with a clean guitar intro, equipped with a soothing guitar solo. The verses stay mellow while the chorus’s have a bit of a “Fade To Black” [Ride The Lightning] feel…nice. I can tell you that this song is mixed about 9,000 times better than anything off of St. Anger; the snare drum actually has a pop again, rather than that obnoxious ping! 8/10

“All Nightmare Long” opens with a bluesy clean guitar riff with distorted guitars before turning into a thrash melee with Lars Ulrich’s toms pounding hard. This song never ceases its thrash assault which surely will please the older fans, maybe even the fans that had abandoned them back in the 1980s. 8.5/10

“Cyanide” represents the Metallica freak’s first real glimpse into the magic that is Death Magnetic; it was during Ozzfest 2008 in Dallas. We all agreed it killed when we heard the live version and it kills just as much in the studio. This is one of the best track’s on the record. Robert Trujillo’s bass sound is amazing on this tune and I can’t wait to see this being performed live for years to come. 8.5/10

“The Unforgiven III” begins with a pretty piano part followed by bass and clean guitars. The vocals kick in with distorted guitars in the style of “The Memory Remains” [Reload]. I am still surprised that they actually made a part III song; very few bands would ever do that. The lyrics on this track are the deepest that I have heard out of Hetfield in about 10 years. The guitar solo begins similar to the original “Unforgiven” but then turns into something less epic. 8/10

“The Judas Kiss” contains a lethal intro that has been my ring tone for a couple months now. The verse riff and drums have a freaky start-stop swing feel, like old school Faith No More; if you know your rock n roll, then you know that means it is awesome. This might be the best song on the record. It will have your fist pumping at the concert, in your car, at the gym, on the subway, or in your room. 9.5/10

“Suicide & Redemption” begins with a volcanic bass eruption that spits molten venom into the main guitar riffs. This nearly 10 minute instrumental track has some great depth that hits the listener hard from all angles by all members. However, the highlight of the tune is the driving force behind Trujillo’s killer bass work. 8/10

“My Apocalypse” has an …And Justice For All feel to it; the intro guitar riff and drums summon the evils heard in “Harvester of Sorrow.” The song is fully equipped with thrash guitars, fast drums, and ferocious vocals. There is also a start-stop tempo in the middle after the shredderiffic Hammett solo. Hetfield’s voice sounds better than ever on this track, or at least the best since the Black Album. 8/10

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Metallica Feature in The New York Times

Posted in Metallica with tags , , on August 30, 2008 by gearsofrock

Pick up your copy of today’s New York Times to check out the special Metallica feature, “Some Kind of Refined Monster.”

The article discusses the song writing on Death Magnetic with the recent concert in Bucharest as its setting. If you are a Metallica freak, then this article really does not break any new ground. But if you need to brush up in time for the release of Death Magnetic, it is definitely worth a reading.

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Review: Metallica “The Day That Never Comes” [2008]

Posted in Metallica with tags , , on August 21, 2008 by gearsofrock

The first single off of Metallica’s Death Magnetic, “The Day That Never Comes,” has finanally arrived on the Metallica websites including their MySpace page.

The song begins with a clean guitar intro, equipped with a soothing guitar solo. The verses stay mellow while the chorus’s have a bit of a “Fade To Black” [Ride The Lightning] feel…Nice. I can tell you that this song is mixed about 9,000 times better than anything off of St. Anger; the snare drum actually has a pop again, rather than that obnoxious ping!

The song begins to thrash out at the 5 minute mark, in the style of the breaks heard in “Seek & Destroy” [Kill ‘Em All] and “One” [And Justice For All]. It is so refreshing to hear guitar solos once again, including dual guitar harmonies like the good old days. This song rocks, no, this song rules. It is great to have them back for real. 8/10

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