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Review: Oceano – Depths [2009]

Posted in Oceano, SOS Metal Update with tags on July 18, 2009 by gearsofrock

Amazon OceanoChicago-bred quintet Oceano stake a claim of being the most pissed-off band on the planet, and if you could decipher the cavernous musings of vocalist Adam Warren and what he was screaming and growling about, they may be right, as the viscous racket adorning cuts like the slow-churned “Disgust for Your Kind” and the frantic fury of “District of Misery” do work as evidence for a lively debate. Make no mistake, the vocals (despite hard to comprehend) are a strongpoint, solidifying this outfit’s abrasive viciousness with a twist to rival peers like Emmure, Misery Signals, and All Shall Perish for the new heavy crown. The 15-track debut DEPTHS firmly stands its ground with a batch of rote yet bombastic low-end grooves, keeping things both excruciatingly bottom-heavy and brutal, yet resonate with an all too standard delivery within the deathcore paradigm. Luckily, Oceano picks up momentum as the album rolls along, managing to venture a bit off the threadbare path of palm-muted breakdown bliss in key spots to implement nuances such as symphonic black metal texture and crisp solos, yet ultimately fall flat in relying on prototypical old hat genre maneuvers that undoubtedly score big in a moshpit of dayglow shirts and bad haircuts yet yield overwrought results on disc. www.earache.comMike SOS

2.5 StarsOceano is Adam (Vocals), Andrew (Guitars), Tristan (Guitars), Jason (Bass), & Daniel (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Descent”
  2. “Inhuman Affliction”
  3. “A Mandatory Sacrifice”
  4. “Samael The Destroyer”
  5. “Fractured Frames, Scattered Flesh”
  6. “Disgust For Your Kind”
  7. “Depths”
  8. “District of Misery”
  9. “With Legions”
  10. “Slaughtered Like Swine”
  11. “Empathy For Leviathan”
  12. “Plague Campaign”
  13. “Abysm”
  14. “Involuntary Demoralization”
  15. “Orificial Execution”

GOR Recommendation: All Shall Perish – Awaken The Dreamers

Review: Beneath The Massacre – Dystopia [2008]

Posted in Beneath The Massacre, SOS Metal Update with tags on May 31, 2009 by gearsofrock

Amazon Beneath TheCrippling Canadian quartet Beneath the Massacre is a dizzying deathcore troupe whose latest 10-track enterprise DYSTOPIA jackhammers sweeping guitar runs, feral blast beat drums, and vicious vocals into your cranium for over 30 minutes. And when it’s over, what does the listener retain besides one hell of a headache? Not a whole lot, actually, although this band’s jaw-dropping velocity and unbridled brutality found on cuts such as the relentless “Bitter” and “Procreating the Infection” is something to marvel at while the surprisingly slow and more painful delivery audible on the properly named “Lithium Overdose” salvages this squad from being caught in the middle between being totally breakdown-reliant and spastic riff friendly into a somewhat more palatable direction. Otherwise, this blistering offering does its damnedest, sacrificing musicality for sheer sonic bludgeoning for fans of dastardly technicality to get wrapped inside of. www.prostheticrecords.comMike SOS

2.5 StarsBeneath The Massacre is Elliot Desgagnés (Vocals), Christopher Bradley (Guitar), Dennis Bradley (Bass), & Justin Rousselle (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Condemned”
  2. “Reign of Terror”
  3. “Our Common Grave”
  4. “Harvest of Hate”
  5. “The Wasteland”
  6. “Bitter”
  7. “No Future”
  8. “Lithium Overdose”
  9. “Nevermore”
  10. “Procreating the Infection”

Review: Snatch Club – True Kids Superbrawl [2008]

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amazon-snatch-clubGerman deathcore collective Snatch Club doles out a clobbering yet predictable array of churning rhythms and guttural growls on their debut endeavor TRUE KIDS SUPERBRAWL. Viciously battering eardrums with an incessant stream of low-end guitar grooves and burly beatdown breakdowns, imagine the extreme force that Job for a Cowboy going toe to toe with Emmure would sound like for an idea of the kind of inhumane sounds come from tracks like “Exhibition” and the eviscerating and savage “Female Serial Killer.” While this unit’s originality is questionable, their trips into sonic depravity are some of the more intriguing amongst the deathcore set, making this disc somewhat palatable for those who normally detest the genre. -Mike SOS

Review: All Shall Perish – Awaken The Dreamers [2008]

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Spreading beyond the confines of the deathcore genre, California’s All Shall Perish return with Awaken The Dreamers. This 12-track release demonstrates the merging of the quintet’s savage brutality with a bevy of surprises which renders this offering as a well-textured entity that can still provide its share of crushing moshpit moments. While ardent supporters of the group will be relieved that the breakdown-heavy death metal style on scorchers like “Stabbing to Purge Dissimulation” and “Never…Again” is still a major part of the outfit’s arsenal, tracks like the melodic instrumental “Until the End”, the traditional metal-esque shred and scream tactics on “Black Gold Reign” and the melancholic Opeth-like “Memories of a Glass Sanctuary” display All Shall Perish’s penchant for bold experimentation and disdain for complacency without compromising a shred of their dignity. Retaining their bludgeoning foundation while showcasing a slew of progressive tendencies, All Shall Perish have morphed into a monstrous metal hybrid geared for forward thinking fans of modern heavy music. www.nuclearblastusa.comMike SOS

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