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Review: The Classic Struggle – Bring Back The Glory [2008]

Posted in Classic Struggle, SOS Metal Update with tags , , on February 1, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-classic-struggleSouth Carolina metalcore crew The Classic Struggle merge Euro thrash, hardcore, and metal for a blistering 10-track offering in the form of BRING BACK THE GLORY. While this unit’s infernal heft is sure to leave quite the impression, tactics like implementing the sludgy breakdown before the beatdown on “Beyond the Walls” and the dramatic tempo drop-off from “Wish Me Hell” keep this band in the thick of things, even though tracks such as “You’ve Got to Die of Something” redundantly tread traditional metalcore waters. Solid yet unspectacular, The Classic Struggle provides the skull-bashing good time which stays the course with a sledgehammered delivery that is bound to appease throngs of shirtless pit-goers everywhere. -Mike SOS