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Review: Endstille – Verfuhrer [2009]

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Amazon EndstilleWarmongering German black metal squad Endstille attack once again with VERFUHRER, a scathing and abrasive nine-track affair. Incessantly blasting your skull with pounding percussion and decaying your ears with blood-curdling vocal rasps, this maliciously militant outfit doles out diabolical doses of mid-paced malevolence (“Symptoms”) whose razor sharp buzzsaw guitars cut to the bone (“Depressive/ Abstract/ Banished/ Despised”). Assuredly exhibiting a keen sense of dynamics by implementing slower waves of intensity to its arsenal (“Endstille”) while maintaining the band’s trademark penchant for administering skull-crushing barrages of monolithic crust-laden fury (“Hate Me…God?”), Endstille ‘s blackhearted single-minded approach conveys intense waves of blast beated and tremolo picked madness with just the right touches of innovation to shape this release’s belligerent battlefield aura. www.regainrecords.comMike SOS

3.5 StarsEndstille is Iblis (Vocals), L. Wachtfels (Guitars), Cruor (Bass), & Mayhemic Destructor (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Of Disorder”
  2. “Hate Me… God?”
  3. “Depressive/Abstract/Banished/Despised”
  4. “Ursprung”
  5. “Monotonusn”
  6. “Symptoms”
  7. “Suffer In Silence”
  8. “Dead”
  9. “Endstille (Verführer)”

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Review: Sinner – Crash And Burn [2008]

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sinnerPresenting their first new album in almost six years, the German metal troupe Sinner bust through the gates with CRASH AND BURN. This 11-track offering renders a no-nonsense fist-pumping heavy metal vibe that falls somewhere in between fellow countrymen Accept and Scorpions in terms of fluidity and tenacity. Tracks such as “Revolution” adds a touch of  Sunset Strip shimmy to the mix while “Break the Silence” hits hard with a simple yet crunchy riff that  nicely melds melody and bite. While this disc would’ve been a can’t miss smash 25 years ago, Sinner’s latest manages to properly recreate heavy metal’s days of yore with dignity fully intact.  -Mike SOS

Review: Kreator – Hordes Of Chaos [2009]

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amazon-kreatorFresh off previous effort  ENEMY OF GOD, German thrash titans Kreator return sharper and more focused with another batch of devastating thrash metal goodness titled HORDES OF CHAOS. Showing no signs of slowing down, Mille Petrozza and company blast through the gates whether you like it or not with all guns blazing (“Warcurse”), giving contemporaries such as Slayer (“Absolute Misanthropy,” “Destroy What Destroys You”) a run for thrash metal supremacy. Infusing the tried and true thrash metal method of their ’80s selves complete with guitar gymnastics galore while exhibiting a bevy of hooks like never before (“Hordes of Chaos,” “Radical Resistance”), this veteran unit’s ripping rejuvenation renders this album with the warmongering aura that reaffirms Kreator’s spot amongst the thrash metal elite. -Mike SOS

Review: Holy Moses – Agony Of Death [2008]

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amazon-holy-mosesGerman thrash veterans Holy Moses return with AGONY OF DEATH, this seasoned unit’s 12th studio release. Featuring the feral female growls and grunts of Sabina Classen while armed with the thrash-tastic twin guitar and percussive pummeling tandem that sets the menacing tone throughout, this disc faithfully sticks to the program yet offers a few surprises in the form of guest appearances (members of Obituary, Destruction, and Metallium lend their talents). Tracks like “Through Shattered Minds” and “Bloodbound for the Damned” give off the aura of Slayer and Exodus circa 1989, while the ambient-intro into breakneck pace  “Pseudohalluzintion” shows this band has no qualms to explore and has no intention of letting up. In your face and aggressive, this album clocks in at about an hour’s worth of durable and dependable meat and potatoes take no prisoners thrash metal that fans of the genre can trustily turn to for a satisfying listen. -Mike SOS

Review: Snatch Club – True Kids Superbrawl [2008]

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amazon-snatch-clubGerman deathcore collective Snatch Club doles out a clobbering yet predictable array of churning rhythms and guttural growls on their debut endeavor TRUE KIDS SUPERBRAWL. Viciously battering eardrums with an incessant stream of low-end guitar grooves and burly beatdown breakdowns, imagine the extreme force that Job for a Cowboy going toe to toe with Emmure would sound like for an idea of the kind of inhumane sounds come from tracks like “Exhibition” and the eviscerating and savage “Female Serial Killer.” While this unit’s originality is questionable, their trips into sonic depravity are some of the more intriguing amongst the deathcore set, making this disc somewhat palatable for those who normally detest the genre. -Mike SOS

Review: Destruction – D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. [2008]

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amazon-destructioGerman thrash titans Destruction unquestionably are one of the premiere thrash bands of all time and this Teutonic troupe shows no sign of letting up based on their latest disc D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. This 10-track affair by these seasoned metal warriors contains all of the explosiveness this band has to offer, garnished with vocalist Schmeir’s trademark sneer and the unit’s blistering instrumental flurries fully intact on cuts like “Last Desperate Scream” and “Elevator to Hell.” Fortified by a crushing abundance of wailing guitar solos and riffs that nimbly juxtapose technicality and savagery (“No One Shall Survive”), Destruction proudly kick down the doors with a barrage of their formulaic yet effective thrash metal attack that surprises at times but remains true to the act’s vision 25 years since their inception. -Mike SOS

Review: Hackneyed – Death Prevails [2008]

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amazon-hackneyedNeophytic German metal troupe Hackneyed play with the deathcore style sharply in focus on their nine-track disc DEATH PREVAILS. Undoubtedly heavy yet lacking development in spots, this act, whose median age is merely 16, have drawn from extreme metal’s elite to compose a rough around the edges sonic battering on cuts like “Gut Candy” and “Axe Splatter.” Liberal in their use of technical death metal elements and gore metal imagery, this band’s debut is a remarkable effort when considering their age and experience and will definitely appeal to those into Suicide Silence and Job for a Cowboy as well as old schoolers who remember the warmongering of Bolt Thrower. www.nuclearblastusa.comMike SOS