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Review: Insect Warfare – World Extermination [2009]

Posted in Insect Warfare, SOS Metal Update with tags on June 23, 2009 by gearsofrock

Amazon Insect WarfareRe-released from 2007, Texas grindcore trio Insect Warfare’s WORLD EXTERMINATION gets the re-release treatment courtesy of Earache, and hail Satan for that! This disc yields a blindingly-fast and corrosively abrasive metallic mauling, essential for fans of Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, and Nasum to get their crusty claws on. Broken down into 20-tracks clocking in at a violent 23-minutes, this now-defunct squad blasts through a hellacious barrage of musical misanthropy (“Hydraphobia”), savagely ripping apart your aural cavity with an endless stream of drum pounding and crushing guitar riffs (“Nuclear Deterrence,” “Self Termination”) while the demonic rasp proceeding over the battle barks with belligerent grunts and yowls with desperate wails (“Enslaved by Machinery,” “Mind Ripper”). Insect Warfare’s warmongering shredding and rapid-fire tempos are not for the weak-willed metal fan, as this band solicits a primal need unapologetically rip off your face like a vicious animal would without a shred of remorse. www.earache.comMike SOS

3 Stars

Review: Narcosis – Best Served Cold [2009]

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Amazon NarcosisBEST SERVED COLD is an all-encompassing posthumous offering by revered UK grindcore gang Narcosis. Containing 51 tracks chronicling all of this face-shattering troupe’s split 7″‘s, EP’s, and full-lengths, this disc is perfect for completists, as no stone is left unturned when this noise mongering squad scoured their vaults. This caustic affair does a fine job of prepping the new jacks and satisfying diehards, as the reintroduction of classic bits of frenzy such as “Broken Finger Stranglehold,” “It’s Not a Birthmark, It’s a Bruise,” and “If Being a Cunt Was People, You’d Be China” still sounds relevant and utterly relentless. Throw in a set of liner notes which runs down Narcosis’ tumultuous run of endless lineup changes and broken spirits written with a casual narrative that charmingly radiates as if you’re having a conversation over a pint, and this collection’s flaws (disparity in sound quality and repeated tracks) nearly becomes forgivable, as you’re too busy banging your head to care. www.earache.comMike SOS

3 Stars

Review: Harpoon – Double Gnarly/Triple Suicide [2009]

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Amazon HarpoonHarpoon is a Chicago-based duo (now beefed up to a trio) whose grindcore meets metal batterings are backed by programmed drums, an element that sets a definitive tone for DOUBLE GNARLY/TRIPLE SUICIDE. Coming off as sterile and clinical when artificial beats become inhumanly overbearing (“Throngs”) despite maintaining a crushing concoction of blasting guitars and glass-gargled vocals throughout (“The Cacographer,” “Lefty,” “Frogs, Boils, Locusts…”). Even though shards of Slayer, Napalm Death, and Pig Destroyer rear their heads in sporadic spurts on this 12-track affair, overall these morsels of metallic goodness are detracted by synthetically sounding skin bashing that plagues the entire production. Re-record drums with a powerhouse behind the kit (Dave Witte? Danny Herrera?) and the results would be radically different, but for now this disc is a few steps away from being something to marvel. -Mike SOS

2 Stars

Review: Total Fucking Destruction – Peace, Love, And Total Fucking Destruction [2008]

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amazon-total-fin-destructionTotal Fucking Destruction provide an unusual socio-apocalyptic musical experience meshing offbeat bursts of grindcore mired in jackhammered repetition with an unabashed thumb at the nose punk attitude kicking down the door on the irreverent 23-track assault titled PEACE, LOVE, AND TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION. Menacing at times (“Anyone But Me”) yet consistently maintaining an upbeat and bright feel not unlike SOD (“Grindcore Salesman,” “Doublespeaker”), Brutal Truth grind guru Rich Hoak pulls double duty on drums and vocals here, conducting  the ensuing madness while flailing away on the kit like an escaped convict on the lam. Hurling heaps of biting commentary about the state of the world into the mantra-like lyrics of this frenetic centrifuge only makes the room spin faster and the urge to hang on for dear life that much more tangible, as TFD have furnished a vociferous rollercoaster ride through society’s gritty underbelly on this acerbically expedient expedition. -Mike SOS