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Review: Joe Satriani – Live in Paris: I Just Wanna Rock [2010]

Posted in Joe Satriani with tags on February 11, 2010 by gearsofrock

Live in Paris: I just Wanna Rock is Joe Satriani’s fourth live album, an enchanting double-disc assortment of his greatest hits from a May 2008 performance.

The overall mix, sound, and Satch’s technical guitarmanship are perfect as usual. All of the big ones are here, “Ice 9,” “Summer Song,” “Satch Boogie,” “Flying in a Blue Dream,” “Always With Me Always With You,” “Surfing With the Alien,” and more.

“I Just Wanna Rock” from 08’s Professor Satchefunkilus and the Musterion of Rock is a cheesy live opener (no need for the chants), no doubt about it, and the worst part of the album. A far better subtitle could have been chosen for this record as well.

Live in Paris, like all of Satch’s work is great driving music. You don’t need to be a stuck-up guitar nerd or music school snob to appreciate his art. And most importantly, this is not Chickenfoot, yuck.

Joe Satriani is Joe Satriani (Lead Guitars), Galen Henson (Rhythm Guitar), Stuart Hamm (Bass), & Jeff Campitelli (Drums).

Track Listing:

Disc 1

  1. “I Just Wanna Rock”
  2. “Overdriver”
  3. “Satch Boogie”
  4. “Ice 9”
  5. “Diddle-Y-A-Doo-Dat”
  6. “Flying In A Blue Dream”
  7. “Ghosts”
  8. “Revelation”
  9. “Super Collosal”
  10. “One Big Rush”
  11. “Musterion”
  12. “Out Of The Sunrise”

Disc 2

  1. “Time Machine”
  2. “Cool #9”
  3. “Andalusia”
  4. “Bass Solo”
  5. “Cryin'”
  6. “The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing”
  7. “Always with Me, Always with You”
  8. “Surfing with the Alien”
  9. “Crowd Chant”
  10. “Summer Song”


Review: “Guitar Pro 5” Guitar Tab Software

Posted in Guitar Pro with tags on May 19, 2009 by gearsofrock

Guitar ProFor all of you guitarists that are frustrated by practicing songs without a full backing band, there is a great piece of computer software out there called Guitar Pro that allows you to fully rock out to your favorite tunes. With rhythm guitars, vocal melodies, bass lines, and drum patterns, your private practicing will become 100% more efficient and effective with this program. Guitar tab archive Ultimate Guitar has a seemingly infinite library of Guitar Pro compatible transcriptions to download. This software is an invaluable practice tool for any guitarist, from beginner to pro, and you can also create your own scores which will help you grow as a song writer. The one drawback to the program is that after the 15 day free trial, the software carries a $59.00 price tag to keep, and in the current Internet age musicians do not like paying for such a tool. Regardless of the price, I highly recommended giving Guitar Pro a try. -Meds

4 Stars

Four Years Without Dimebag Darrell…It Just Sucks

Posted in Pantera with tags , , , , on December 8, 2008 by gearsofrock

Don’t forget to take a moment to honor and remember the legendary Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, as today marks the four year anniversary of his cowardly murder—play it loud and proud.

“Once you’re into it, you’re into it for a lifetime. And maybe it’s not the coolest thing when it comes to what’s on top of the charts, but that sh– that’s been on top of the charts — on and off, on and off, a million times — and we’re still standing strong. So we’ll be here forever. United and hard we f—ing stand.” -Dimebag []

Contest: Enter To Win Signed AC/DC Guitars

Posted in AC/DC with tags , on September 25, 2008 by gearsofrock

From the AC/ newsletter:

AC/DC’s Give It All You Got contest is now open for business. It’s a three step process: first, get out the video camera and set the scene. Next, record your own version of the brand new AC/DC fist-pumping, get-the-whole-gang-together-sing-along-chorus-inducing anthem “Rock ‘N Roll Train” in any style you want – karaoke or ukulele, electric guitar through a Marshall amp or air guitar on top of your kitchen table. Anything goes as long as the passion is there. Finally, add your video by following the steps outlined on our Give It All You Got contest page and keep checking back to see your competition as the days roll on.

If you truly let it all hang out, you’ll have a shot at one of our grand prizes: a Gibson SG Angus Young signature model and a Gretsch G6131MY Malcolm Young signature model, both hand-signed by AC/DC.

ACDC Tickets