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Review: Olde York – Empire State [2009]

Posted in Olde York, SOS Metal Update with tags on July 9, 2009 by gearsofrock

Amazon OldeYorkMaintaining the classic NYHC sound and a no frills DIY mindset from the days of yore, Olde York comes barreling down the lane with an authentic 12-track tour de force entitled EMPIRE STATE. Embodying the spirit of hardcore’s CBGB Sunday matinee glory days while skillfully blending the styles of acts such as Cro Mags, Warzone, Sick of It All, and Leeway (whose singer Eddie Sutton makes a cameo here) into one big gang chorus pile-on, this Big Apple quartet makes no bones about their roots or their allegiance to the underground by pumping out anthemic pit pleasers like “Five Year Plan” and “Still Believe.” Think hardcore died after CB’s shut its doors? Olde York will make you think twice. countdownrecords.comMike SOS

3.5 StarsOlde York is Ted (Vocals), Blake (Guitar), Mike (Bass), & Dev (Drums).

Review: Millions – Gather Scatter [2009]

Posted in Millions, SOS Metal Update with tags on July 6, 2009 by gearsofrock

Amazon MillionsSpastic and noisy hardcore with underpinnings of melody best describe the racket exerted by Chicago quartet Millions, whose eight-track offering GATHER SCATTER goes from the gutter to outer space in approximately 27-minutes. Emblazoned in dissonance, songs like “Saddle Up and Ride” exhibit the rhythm section playing like a wrecking crew drunkenly demolishing a skyscraper, while “Pickpocket” channels QOTSA for a shot of fretwork freakouts and “Life is Satisfactory” reveals the might of Millions’ ever-shifting three-pronged vocal delivery with the sandpapered bark leading the neurotic charge. If you are partial to early post-hardcore and get misty-eyed for the noise rock days of yore, this crew has got the fix you need. www.seventhrule.comMike SOS

2 StarsMillions is Corey Lyons (Guitar/Vocals), Mark Konwinski (Bass/Vocals), Scott Flaster (Guitar/Vocals), & Pat O’Shea (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Lest the Professor Catches Fire”
  2. “View From a Sinking Ship”
  3. “Saddle Up and Ride”
  4. “Getting the Last Word”
  5. “Pickpocket”
  6. “Life is Satisfactory”
  7. “Mile High Cake”
  8. “We Make Poor Decisions”

GOR Recommendation: You may enjoy Wolves in the Throne Room more

Review: flu.ID – IOTS [2008]

Posted in Flu.ID, SOS Metal Update with tags , , on May 17, 2009 by gearsofrock

Amazon FluidGerman experimental hardcore troupe flu.ID have made an album proper by repackaging two previous 10-inch releases with a few bonus tracks and a strange assortment of electronic interludes to create a 15-track collection of schizophrenic heaviness and offbeat weirdness titled IOTS. Imagine Refused jamming out with Dillinger Escape Plan while a techno party looms in the background for an idea of what this eclectic trio brings to the table. Channeling hardcore’s dissonant aggression while releasing an unsettling helping of tech metal warfare and savage noise rock on unprepared ears (“Estonia Flutet Die Titanic,” this unit isn’t content until you’ve been disturbed (“New Imperial Sadism”), destroyed (“Ordinary Different”) and devastated (“b”). Wryly unorthodox yet totally crushing, this offering yields an ominous listening experience and requires a slew more comprehension than most, but is well worth the brain contortions if you enjoy music laced with chaos (“Strategy First”). -Mike SOS

3 Starsflu.ID is Roeder (Vocals/Bass), Kroever (Guitar), & Xaver (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Ordinary Different”
  2. “Necromancer”
  3. “Enthymem”
  4. “New Imperial Sadism”
  5. “Pens Are Friends”]
  6. “Idiots”
  7. “Estonia Flutet Die Titanic”
  8. “Zuegli”
  9. “B”
  10. “Strategy First”
  11. “Peace, Love, And Empathy”
  12. “Ira”
  13. “Revelation”
  14. “All I Can Give”
  15. “Taka-Takaz”

Review: Pro-Pain – No End In Sight [2008]

Posted in Pro-Pain, SOS Metal Update with tags on April 18, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-pro-pain16 years on the job and still going strong chugging out memorable heavy tuneage, Pro-Pain follows up their recent string of solid offerings with NO END IN SIGHT. This 11-track endeavor finds Gary Meskil and crew pumping the usual meat and potatoes hardcore metal might with the blue collar work ethic that warrants this band’s hard nosed reputation (“Halo”, “Let The Blood Run Through the Streets”), yet there’s some discernible switches happening throughout  NO END IN SIGHT that really stand out given their tried and true formula. The increased implementation of melody, especially vocally (and clean-sung at that), is a pretty stark diversion for this veteran act, as it gives off a modern hardcore approach to cuts like “All Rise” and “Hour of the Time” while allowing this troupe to include another choice layer to its already menacing arsenal. Add in a sterling guest guitar spot by Cannibal Corpse’s Rob Barrett (“Pheonix Rising”) and bagpipes for a stomping pub rock feel (“Go It Alone”) to the band’s stalwart hardcore metal delivery for more hints of deviation to the steamroller sound championed since Pro-Pain’s inception and you can mark this disc as yet another durable release from an always reliable unit with some unexpected aural surprises making perfect fits into their punishing paradigm. -Mike SOS

Review: Hanson Brothers – It’s A Living [2008]

Posted in Hanson Brothers, SOS Metal Update with tags , on March 11, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-hanson-brothersShowcasing a punk hardcore hybrid that takes its lyrical content strictly from the game of hockey, Hanson Brothers (the band, not the characters from Slapshot) play with a straight-up raucous energy on their latest live offering IT’S A LIVING. This squad’s Ramones meets the Misfits in the penalty box sound is bolstered by heroic tales on the ice and group sing-alongs aplenty, as this 27-track release gives a good idea of what happens when power play mentalities and power chords collide. Containing members of No Means No, if you want to let off some steam and not lace up the skates, this disc provides the next best alternative than getting creamed into the boards. -Mike SOS

Review: The Classic Struggle – Bring Back The Glory [2008]

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amazon-classic-struggleSouth Carolina metalcore crew The Classic Struggle merge Euro thrash, hardcore, and metal for a blistering 10-track offering in the form of BRING BACK THE GLORY. While this unit’s infernal heft is sure to leave quite the impression, tactics like implementing the sludgy breakdown before the beatdown on “Beyond the Walls” and the dramatic tempo drop-off from “Wish Me Hell” keep this band in the thick of things, even though tracks such as “You’ve Got to Die of Something” redundantly tread traditional metalcore waters. Solid yet unspectacular, The Classic Struggle provides the skull-bashing good time which stays the course with a sledgehammered delivery that is bound to appease throngs of shirtless pit-goers everywhere. -Mike SOS

Review: Mouth Of The Architect – Quietly [2008]

Posted in Mouth Of The Architect, SOS Metal Update with tags on January 19, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-mouthThe latest endeavor by Ohio’s Mouth of the Architect marks a continuation of this unit’s post-hardcore sludgy sojourn, as QUIETLY runs just shy of an hour within an eight-track span. Dense rhythms and suffocating guitars immerse your eardrums in a tantalizing go-round of sound on the oppressive menace “A Beautiful Corpse” and the undulating “Rocking Chairs and Shotguns” while “Guilt and the Like” and “Hate and Heartache” surpass typecast loud-soft dynamic shifts with bursts of bombastic guitars and distressed vocal roars while constructing an impenetrable wall of sound courtesy of a cavernous bottom end heard across the duration of the disc. Emitting a creepy tension throughout not unlike Isis or Neurosis, this beautiful yet discordant affair contains a barrage of burly buildups and constantly changing rhythmic patterns which do the service of paying homage to genre leaders while carving out MOTA’s very own spot on the avant garde metal totem pole. www.translationlossrecords.comMike SOS

Review: The Psyke Project – APNEA [2008]

Posted in Psyke Project, SOS Metal Update with tags on January 12, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-psyke-projectMenacing Danish quintet The Psyke Project deconstruct the notions of modern hardcore into shards of blissful post-metal meltdown on APNEA, this unit’s latest 10-track affair. With influences spanning Converge to Neurosis to Gojira to Refused all rearing their heads at some point across this disc, all bases are covered as this group throws down the debilitating sonic crush audible on the panoramic “Jugganata” or the viscous yet melodically pummeling “I Get Paralyzed.” Chock full of challenging musical movements and complex switches keeping ears on constant alert, this group’s hardcore depth is wrought with an abjectly off-kilter fervor, allowing their out of the box tendencies showcased on the multi-layered hypnotic vibe of “Creating Landscapes” to truly shine.  Rest assured, this band stands out amongst the crowded pack thanks to the chilling and hardhearted batterings APNEA doles out. www.lifeforcerecords.comMike SOS

Review: Sever Your Ties – Safety In The Sea [2008]

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amazon-sever-your-tiesChristian rock clan Sever Your Ties incorporates the sound you’d expect from a band hailing from Southern California that calls itself  hardcore yet prominently uses keyboards would on their 11-track debut SAFETY IN THE SEA. Injected with a smattering of Thrice and Senses Fail (especially in the vocal department), this sextet’s chops are undeniably solid (“Things Are Better (Left Unsaid)”), their passion  convincing (“To The Pacific,” “Here I Am”), and their content surprisingly secular bordering on edgy for a God-fearing group, barring their listless cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”  Yet if you follow this genre stringently, you’ve heard this all before, and in this group’s case, even a few times over throughout this entire disc’s span. A lack of variation aside, Sever Your Ties plays a competent brand of post-hardcore with hard rock melodics and hook-laden choruses at the forefront for all the kids to scream along to at next year’s Warped Tour. www.solidstaterecords.comMike SOS

Review: Chingalera – Dose [2008]

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amazon-chingaleraLos Angeles trio Chingalera’s latest disc suggests this unit definitely spent a lot of time with their Melvins and Tool discs with a smattering of Queens of the Stone Age and Fantomas on the side prior to stepping into Sylvia Massy’s lair. The sprawling five-track, near hour long exhibition DOSE is the end result of such a keen study, an affair steeped in ambition and hellbent on providing lush soundscapes before hitting you over the head with post-hardcore spaciousness and heady stoner rock grooves. Effects-heavy avant garde interludes compel the urge to hit the skip button many times throughout (especially during the trying 16:23 “You Were Happy When You Came In Here”), but make no mistake: this band is deadset on constructing atmospheres before releasing rock mayhem and makes you earn you way to get to the infectious Helmet -esque chug and snare combo carried on “Eveler”. www.chingalera.orgMike SOS

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