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Miscellaneous Rock Links: Phil Misses Pantera, Metallica’s Internet Album, Top 10 Car Tracks…

Posted in News with tags , on November 26, 2008 by gearsofrock

1. In an interview with Antiquiet, Phil Anselmo misses Pantera, wonders if Dimebag Darrell would still be here if it weren’t for the media’s portrayal of the band’s split, and affirms that he’s “f*ckin’ stronger than f*ckin’ most f*ckin’ men” his age [].

2. Metallica’s record contract is finally fulfilled, which means that they will explore some fresh options for their next record given their freedom. Lars Ulrich told Rolling Stone that this could include “an internet thing” [].

3. The New York City Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex is now open for business. Obviously, this is worth checking out if you are within the tri-state area. Tickets are $18-$26 [].

4. This week Autopia listed their “10 Best Songs About Cars.” Sammy Hagar made the #8 spot with “I Can’t Drive 55,” while Prince took #1 with “Little Red Corvette.” Autopia listed “Highway Star” by Deep Purple as an honorable mention, while “Dragula” by Rob Zombie and “Jerry Was a Racecar Driver” by Primus are no where to be found making this list very weak [].

5. Metal Blade records, which launched Metallica, Slayer, and King Diamond under Brian Slagel, have partnered with digital distributor INgrooves. This deal should increase online advertising and marketing of upcoming Metal Blade artists such as Austrian Death Machine and Cattle Decapitation [].

Miscellaneous Rock Links: Nickelback Against Guitar Hero, White Zombie Box Set…

Posted in News with tags , on November 22, 2008 by gearsofrock

1. Nickelback quote of the day: “Set down the ‘Guitar Hero,’ learn how to play an actual guitar and start a band, because it’s hard to find more bands to put a solid rock-and-roll package together, to get out there. It’s getting harder and harder, but I think we’ve done it,” said Chad Kroeger []. There are about five reasons why this statement is hysterical. Can you find them all?

2. Chinese Democracy knock of the day: “Everything about “Chinese Democracy” is aggrieved and inflated. It was made with a rotating cast of characters that includes seemingly everyone in Los Angeles except for the actual members of GN’R’s classic lineup — it’s like a modern-day, heavy-metal WPA project” [].

3. White Zombie box set [4CDs/1DVD], Let Sleeping Corpses Lie to be released on Tuesday. Why? “I can see it, strangely enough, in the royalty checks. Every year the band makes more money,” said Rob Zombie [].

4. Some drunk guy at hockey game makes a list of top metal sports tunes. Not a bad list, but I would replace “The Fight Song” with “Disposable Teens,” and “Crush ‘Em” with any other Megadeth song [].

5. Don’t forget to tune in to VH-1 Classic at 11 p.m. tonight for the second episode of Eddie Trunk’s That Metal Show. The second season starts filming in February [].

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Miscellaneous Rock Links: Metal Hurts Heart, XM Sirius Programming, More Maiden…

Posted in Iron Maiden, News, Ticketmaster with tags , , on November 12, 2008 by gearsofrock

1. Study with infinite loopholes finds that heavy metal music restricts blood flow to the heart causing added stress [].

2. Lame vampire soundtrack bumps AC/DC’s Black Ice from the peak position on the US pop chart [].

3. XM and Sirius finally merge their stations. Sirius “Hard Attack” is now “Liquid Metal” and “Buzzsaw” becomes “The Boneyard” [].

4. Time to fuel up Ed Force One — Iron Maiden announces an extension to their highly successful “Somewhere Back In Time Tour,” hitting New Zealand for first time in 16 years [].

5. Ticketmaster experiments with dropping abusive service charges such as their absurd TicketFast fees [].

Miscellaneous Rock Links: Deftone in Coma, VH1 Metal Show, Def Leppard Goes Country…

Posted in Deftones, News with tags , on November 8, 2008 by gearsofrock

1. The bassist of The Deftones, Chi Cheng, is reported to be in a coma following an auto accident [].

2. “The View” meets “Headbanger’s Ball” on “The Metal Show” beginning Nov. 15 on VH1 Classic [].

3. Metallica plans to release “All Nightmare Long” as their next single, including a music video, in December [].

4. Thrash pioneers Anthrax enter a recording studio in Chicago to work on new record to be released in spring 2009 [].

5. Last night, Def Leppard appeared with country sensation Taylor Swift for an episode of “Crossroads” on CMT [].

Miscellaneous Rock Links: Brian May’s Disappearing Guitars, Elvis Wine, End of Slayer?…

Posted in News with tags , , on November 6, 2008 by gearsofrock

1. The guitars of Brian May [Queen] have mysteriously disappeared from Chinese Democracy track [].

2. Thrash metal legends, Slayer, will record two more records before calling it quits [].

3. Chris Cornell compares Timbaland to Pink Floyd. Ugh. C’mon Chris…get the long awaited Soundgarden reunion together and put us out of our misery [].

4. The Canadians are spinning to Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Testament to shed calories [].

5. Elvis Presley’s Graceland Cellars release new “Blue Christmas” wine for the holiday season to help spread holiday cheer [].

6. MTV and MySpace plan to make money from pirates? aargh [].

Miscellaneous Rock Links: Ozzy Crowned, Guitar Wars, iPod Daddy Leaves Apple…

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1. Ozzy Osbourne crowned “living legend” at the Marshall Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards. Foo Fighters named band of the year and Slash wins the “11” award [].

2. Who will win this dirty gaming war this year — Guitar Hero or Rock Band? Well, the consumers will ultimately decide as they cast their dollar votes this holiday season [].

3. Do you know who originally pitched the idea for the iPod to Apple? Neither did I. His name is Tony Fadell and he is leaving Apple after 160 million units sold []

4. If you want to watch Metallica’s induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year, then it will be on the Fuse network. The network and the Rock Hall justed inked a three year deal [].

5. As a rock guitarist with the choice of joining Def Leppard or Iron Maiden, which would you pick? Phil Collen chose Def Leppard and talked about it with Inside Out webzine [].