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Review: Fiftywatthead – Fogcutter [2008]

Posted in Fiftywatthead, SOS Metal Update with tags on March 25, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-fiftywattLumberingly heavy, Fiftywatthead flattens your head with a ruthless attack of sonic bombast with slight psychedelic overtones on the eight-track FOGCUTTER. Viscous guitars hurl lava-soaked boulders for riffs (“Followed by Thunder,” “Iron Clad”) while the valiant rhythm section fortifies homebase (“Last Leg,” “Seadawg”) with demonic vocal conjurings resonating the warmongering mantra of High on Fire interpreted by Melvins (“Capsized”) lead the charge. There’s also a slew of creepy noise rock entities dispersed throughout the course of this intriguing offering to round out this Canadian troupe’s ominous brand of stoner metal that specializes in providing punishing heft with a sinister sneer, leaving Fiftywatthead a multitude of weapons at their dispose to crush your soul. -Mike SOS

Review: Eddy Dyer – …Into Doves of Grey [2008]

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amazon-eddy-dyerA subdued and melancholic aura envelopes the 14-tracks contained on Eddy Dyer’s latest offering …INTO DOVES OF GREY. Consisting of mainly acoustic guitar and voice with some mandolin peeking through at times, this 14-track endeavor showcases traces of psychedelica on “Nthru Nbeon,” issues with spirituality on cuts like the not so subtle “Jesus Christ,” the protest-esque “Snakes out of Boston” and “Out at Night” and a glimpse at Dyer’s personal relationships on “Song for Jamie” and the richly strummed “Jennifer.” Meshing the stark nuances of Jack Johnson with a rebellious streak poised at full strength, Eddy Dyer’s unique subject matter and stark arrangements yield an unexpectedly hearty listening experience.
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Review: Ruby Q – Fashion Fever Music Pitch [2008]

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Most bands wait until they make it big before they start their own clothing line, but don’t tell the shape-shifting quintet Ruby Q, as they’ve jumped the step and coincide their latest release with a line of new clothes.They also walk the musical tightrope with the grace necessary on the catwalk, letting everything hang loose on the 11-track Fashion Fever Music Pitch. Changing styles from track to track with a bold-faced cheekiness that makes it hard to tell if this collective is in on the joke or not, regardless how serious you take this shining example of hodgepodge, there’s no denying how talented this unit is. From the lifted crunchy guitars and booming bass from QOTSA heard on “Fever Pitch” to a rebellious “Fuck ‘N Roll” that single handedly offends every rock fan with its vitriolic lyrical roll call of rock ‘n roll royalty, and the piano and chanteuse-like vocals cooing on “Chocolate,” this slickly-produced journey through pop music 101 has enough musical money moments to help this band go beyond the boutique circuit and into a subset, as sizable as their grandiose musical output. SOS

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