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Review: Hanson Brothers – It’s A Living [2008]

Posted in Hanson Brothers, SOS Metal Update with tags , on March 11, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-hanson-brothersShowcasing a punk hardcore hybrid that takes its lyrical content strictly from the game of hockey, Hanson Brothers (the band, not the characters from Slapshot) play with a straight-up raucous energy on their latest live offering IT’S A LIVING. This squad’s Ramones meets the Misfits in the penalty box sound is bolstered by heroic tales on the ice and group sing-alongs aplenty, as this 27-track release gives a good idea of what happens when power play mentalities and power chords collide. Containing members of No Means No, if you want to let off some steam and not lace up the skates, this disc provides the next best alternative than getting creamed into the boards. -Mike SOS

Review: Eddy Dyer – …Into Doves of Grey [2008]

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amazon-eddy-dyerA subdued and melancholic aura envelopes the 14-tracks contained on Eddy Dyer’s latest offering …INTO DOVES OF GREY. Consisting of mainly acoustic guitar and voice with some mandolin peeking through at times, this 14-track endeavor showcases traces of psychedelica on “Nthru Nbeon,” issues with spirituality on cuts like the not so subtle “Jesus Christ,” the protest-esque “Snakes out of Boston” and “Out at Night” and a glimpse at Dyer’s personal relationships on “Song for Jamie” and the richly strummed “Jennifer.” Meshing the stark nuances of Jack Johnson with a rebellious streak poised at full strength, Eddy Dyer’s unique subject matter and stark arrangements yield an unexpectedly hearty listening experience.
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Review: My Hero Is Me – The Crywolf Broadcast [2008]

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amazon-my-hero-is-meFortified with a three-pronged guitar assault, North Carolina’s My Hero is Me mesh rock, metal, and hardcore for that all too familiar sound countless bands employ on their 11-track endeavor The Crywolf Broadcast. Adorned with song titles that are clever (“When Peter North Goes South” In particular), this unit does manage to do a better job than most in rearranging parts to try and keep the sound fresh on cuts like the all-over-the-map “I Studied Metal at Juliard.” Their Maylene and the Sons of Disaster meets The Autumn Offering by way of Protest the Hero style however comes off as a touch too contrived across much of the span of this excursion, making it hard for this unit to get a good jump from out of the starting block. www.tragicherorecords.comMike SOS

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Review: Transistor Transistor – Ruined Lives [2008]

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New Hampshire quartet Transistor Transistor return with a stirring one-two punch of angular hardcore and menacing punk rock with Ruined Lives. Armed with jagged riffs, malicious yowls, and debilitating rhythms that give bands like The Bronx and Every Time I Die a run for their money, this unit’s motive to emote their innermost sensitivities never gets in the way of the like of slash-and-burn hardcore presentations such as “Pillar of Salt.” Taking the avant-garde route paved by such bands as Poison the Well on the twangy “The Ghost Hand,” emulating a bastardized hybrid of Snapcase and Modern Life is War on cuts such as “Diet of Worms” and crustily scraping through an abrasive “Celluoid Rats,” this squad’s latest bundle of sonic explosions grab you by the throat and scream for vengeance. Summoning up the finest elements from hardcore punk’s elite while maintaining their own identity, Ruined Lives and the chaotic yet cathartic atmosphere running throughout render this disc a modern hardcore classic. www.level-plane.comMike SOS

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Review: The Method To My Medium – The Sincerities EP [2008]

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White bread pop punk from five dudes from Indiana best describes The Sincerities EP from The Method to My Medium. This Indiana quintet sure know their New Found Glory and Starting Line catalog, as they regurgitate it back up across this annoyingly electronically manipulated 10-track affair whose vocoder-enhanced vocals and glitched beats come off as a desperate attempt to be different. There’s little here to cheer about, especially if whiny guys singing heartfelt rock songs with the structures you’ve heard a million times at the mall truly sticks under your craw. -Mike SOS

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