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Review: Candygram For Mongo – Candygram For Mongo [2008]

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Los Angeles pop punk squad Candygram for Mongo return with an eponymous 13-track offering chock full of infectious melodies containing more hooks than a tackle box. Cuts like “What Are We” and “Big Mary” portray the rambunctious feel of a spiked hair contingent with the usual imminent sense of danger replaced with the sharp songwriting skills you’d hear from the likes of Elvis Costello or Cheap Trick. Edgy yet accessible, tracks like “Meltdown” and “Fairfax Avenue” display a bounce that’s perfect for the Warped Tour with a sing along chorus tailor-made for a drunken night with old friends while songs like “Rock To Live” showcase the Celtic-esque vibe employed by the likes of Flogging Molly and Against Me. With their freewheeling nature at the forefront of everything they do, Candygram for Mongo have made a prime candidate of a record to throw on to not only get the party started but to keep the good times rolling all night long. SOS


Editor’s Note: Just in case you have no clue where this band gets their name from:

The famous scene and line begins at approx. 3:20…from the Mel Brooks’ classic BLAZING SADDLES.

Review: Tribe After Tribe – M.O.A.B. [2008]

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amazon-tribe-after-tribeRobbi Robb has been fronting the South African band Tribe After Tribe for over two decades, raising awareness of global social issues with his potpourri of multicultural rock music as a soundtrack. The latest venture from this unit is the 15-track M.O.A.B., an album that boasts thirteen different musicians making the most of the vast arsenal of styles at their dispose. From the flannel-shirt stomp of “Holy City Warrior” and “Shock and Awe” to the native sounds emanating from “World Drum” and “Lament,” this outspoken collective returns after a lengthy hiatus sounding like a cross between Peter Gabriel and Sepultura, adorned with a well-rounded smattering of hard edged world class rock that fans of the more adventurous sounds of the ’90s are bound to embrace. SOS

Review: Chingalera – Dose [2008]

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amazon-chingaleraLos Angeles trio Chingalera’s latest disc suggests this unit definitely spent a lot of time with their Melvins and Tool discs with a smattering of Queens of the Stone Age and Fantomas on the side prior to stepping into Sylvia Massy’s lair. The sprawling five-track, near hour long exhibition DOSE is the end result of such a keen study, an affair steeped in ambition and hellbent on providing lush soundscapes before hitting you over the head with post-hardcore spaciousness and heady stoner rock grooves. Effects-heavy avant garde interludes compel the urge to hit the skip button many times throughout (especially during the trying 16:23 “You Were Happy When You Came In Here”), but make no mistake: this band is deadset on constructing atmospheres before releasing rock mayhem and makes you earn you way to get to the infectious Helmet -esque chug and snare combo carried on “Eveler”. www.chingalera.orgMike SOS

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Review: Rocketship Park – Off and Away [2008]

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amazon-rocketship-parkAn ensemble of NYC musicians comprise the alternative Americana act Rocketship Park, whose latest 10-track release OFF & AWAY is laden with a vast array of instrumentation from strings to horns, working together to add ush textures to the sad melodies heard on the weepy “Drinkin Buddy” and “Birthday Death Wish.” From the piano and tambourine led shuffle of “Loser’s Lament” to pedal steel guitarwork on “Family Farm” to the handclaps and banjo plucks on “Because Two Candles” to the vibraphone on “Stuck in a Dream,” the stunning accoutrements added to this disc’s melancholic acoustic guitar and vocal approach reveal lush dreamlike places lying past random Midwestern prarielands where Neil Young, My Morning Jacket, Wilco and Lucinda Williams frequently visit. www.seriousbusinessrecords.comMike SOS

Review: Polysics – We Ate The Machine [2008]

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amazon-polyYes, you read that right…Myspace Records. Japanese art punk rock troupe Polysics and their latest installment of Devo-inspired new wave WE ATE THE MACHINE is a weird but refreshing choice for such a mainstream outlet, but it works. Heavy beats, odd sounds, and tons of synth-rock give songs like “Kagayake” a Mr. Bungle-esque carnival feel, while “Digital Coffee” has all of the nuances to be considered for an Asian game show theme song. While singing occurs in Japanese, English, and gibberish, the electronic manipulations and pop-rock guitar and drums pretty much translate across the board for a stimulating listening experience for purveyors of video game robot rock. SOS

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Review: The Microphones – The Glow Pt 2 [2008]

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amazon-microphonesThe latest offering by Pacific Northwestern lo-fi one-man band The Microphones is actually a reissue from 2001. Nonetheless, it requires multiple listens for the baked-in subdued goodness to soak into your big musical brain. Containing hushed melodies and tranquil rhythms accentuated via simple yet elegant instrumentation, the folksy feel and organic aura of this 20-track affair emits an engaging charm and earthy feel that reverberates through your soul. If you dig tripped out yet mellow music injected with a sense of lovelorn melancholy, then this disc (which comes with a bonus disc chock full of alternative versions, other tracks, and assorted other goodies) will be a welcomed addition to your collection. www.krecs.comMike SOS

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Watch Gene Simmons on “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?”

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Tonight, Gene Simmons of Kiss will be the celebrity contestant on “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” Tune in to Fox at 8 p.m. to watch the episode.

I don’t think Gene will do very well on the show. He is an intelligent businessman (except on “The Apprentice”) but never seems that sharp when it comes to general knowledge. I guess we’ll see tonight.

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Update: Gene surprisingly made it to the $1,000,000 question but wasn’t sure what “K” represented on the periodic table. Overall, nicely done.