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Review: Beehoover – Heavy Zoooo [2008]

Posted in Beehoover, SOS Metal Update with tags on April 2, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-beehooverGerman drum and bass duo Beehoover unfurl a wild concoction of stoner rock, psychedelic metal, and weird rock ‘n roll on their sophomore effort HEAVY ZOOO. Fearlessly hopping from genre to genre bending minds along the way, this tandem decisively dissects your subconscious with spacey textures and galactic overtones encompassing massive hellfire riffs found on cuts like the fluid “I Desert” and the gutwrenching “Pain Power.” If you dig Melvins, Death from Above 1979, Kyuss, or System of a Down and can muster the thought of a unit joining all of those elements together, then run to the store immediately and get immersed in Beehoover’s off-kilter antics with this gargantuan groove-laden 10-track affair. -Mike SOS

Review: Elder – Elder [2009]

Posted in Elder, SOS Metal Update with tags on March 27, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-elderPrepare to blast off into the galaxy with Elder and their eponymous five-track jaunt that reaches to infinity and beyond. Capturing the space rock vibe down to each throbbing bass note, stabilizing scrawl of feedback, and cosmic guitar riff, this nubile Massachusetts trio mold themselves after bands like Sleep and Electric Wizard, imbibing the magic seeds and elixirs of the likes of Sabbath and Yob to accommodate the outer limits funk on cuts like “Ghost Head.” Adorned with an abundance of swirling rhythms whose mammoth gravitational pull recalls the works of Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu, there’s a whole new world waiting for you once you strap yourself into this interplanetary album’s wild eyed ride. -Mike SOS

Review: Distoris – Distorsis [2007]

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amazon-distorsisDistorsis is a Canadian trio armed with the capability to lay down concrete slabs of hefty hard rock swelling with melody (“Fire,” “Free”) while a noticeable spacey stoner rock vibe seemingly lurks overhead (“No Love Lost”). Jampacked with extended instrumental interludes brazen with swirling guitars and tribal percussion sandwiched in between a bevy of gritty guitars and beefy bass (“Angel and the Animal”), this band melds the angst of Alice in Chains, the modern metal crunch of BLS and Ozzy, and the eclectic left-turns of Hawkwind to yield a wild and heavy ride chock full of sonic surprises. -Mike SOS

Review: John Wilkes Booth – Sic Semper Tyrannis [2008]

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amazon-john-wilkes-boothLong Island unit John Wilkes Booth create a mountainous yet delectable wall of sonic overload on their latest 15-track affair, the viscous SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS. Heavy and crushing yet never remiss to keep their excessive slabs of doom-laden boogie rock memorable (“The Inner Workings”), tracks like “Eye Rack” and “Hey Girl” simultaneously stomp you in the gut and stick in your head for days thanks to the infectious guitar hooks and unique vocal delivery over the dastardly rhythm section’s voluminous exhibitions. This is an album chock full of desert rock dynamic shifts, stoner rock subtleties, and hard rock harangue with an attention to detail and a keen sense of musicianship steering the ship, as these titans of tinnitus take their self-professed style known as dirt rock for an unbridled journey through the timelines of underground metal’s elite noise mongering squads. If you dig the likes of bands that still set the benchmark for left of center metal excellence such as Clutch, Kyuss, and Jesus Lizard, John Wilkes Booth will be your new favorite band. www.jwbooth.netMike SOS

Review: Object – Black Swan [2008]

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amazon-objectThe dynamic NYC duo known as Object holds their ground and maintains their grunge-laden hard rock stance on the tandem’s latest 12-track excursion BLACK SWAN. Built from a sturdy foundation of tasty riffs and thunderous drums and cymbals colliding into each other with the controlled recklessness of the early goings of a demolition derby, cuts like “Clones” demonstrates the stoner slacker movement championed by acts like Fu Manchu and “Always” comes off as a Queens of the Stone Age b-side while “The Feeling” displays a durable array of fuzzed-out fretwork that summons a totally tripped-out vibe. Channeling icons of  ’90s rock without disabling their own identity (“Ghostly,” “Off the Record”) yet still able to offer more than a retro sound thanks to the fiery and timeless hard rock chops showcased, Object combines the wares of The Toadies, Nirvana, Burning Brides, and Dinosaur Jr. for a rousing listening experience that those who come to rock shall not be disappointed by. www.objectband.comMike SOS