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Review: Deceiver – Thrashing Heavy Metal [2009]

Posted in Deceiver, SOS Metal Update with tags on July 27, 2009 by gearsofrock

Amazon DeceiverThere’s nothing deceptive regarding the 10-track lean and mean high-grade meets lo fi old school assault Sweden’s Deceiver lays on the ears, as this trio’s tumultuous din captures the darker nuances of the golden age of thrash without sounding rehashed or forced. Whether it be the tortured vocals and primitive skin bashing tandem heard on “Dead to the World” and “Machinery of God” or the grimly grandiose feel emanating from “Graveyard Lover” and the instrumental “Legacy,” even though THRASHING HEAVY METAL yields a strange sensation that you’ve heard this all before if you own a Priest, Entombed, or Mercyful Fate album or two, this squad’s inspired interpretations rise above usual reference points to provide an enjoyable travel back through time. Tacking on a vicious streak laden in vitriolic vehemence, this unit’s display of vintage metal will get the job done for fans of the rawer side of extreme metal’s first wave. www.pulverised.netMike SOS

3.5 StarsDeceiver is Pete Flesh (Vocals/Guitar), Crille Lundin (Bass), & Flingan (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “The Tail’s Of Whom In Shadows Fall”
  2. “Ghost Of Souls & Inner Hate”
  3. “Graveyard Lover”
  4. “Coma Of Death Toxication”
  5. “Machinery Of God”
  6. “Blood Of The Soul”
  7. “Dead To The World”
  8. “The Dungeon”
  9. “Legacy”
  10. “Thrashing Heavy Metal”

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Review: Arise – The Reckoning [2009]

Posted in Arise, SOS Metal Update with tags on July 26, 2009 by gearsofrock

Amazon AriseSwedish death thrash outfit Arise provide 10-tracks of straight from the textbook Gothenburg-style metal on THE RECKONING. Despite this nimble quintet’s far from groundbreaking delivery, the spot-on fury (“No Memory of Light”) and enormous arsenal of breakneck riffs and melodic breaks they employ are cleverly composed with a well-proportioned mix of familiar twists and meat and potatoes mashings, which effortlessly fuses The Haunted and In Flames (“End of Days”). Exhibiting metalcore sensibilities with a reverence for the genre’s pioneers in mind, the latest from Arise is a solid and satisfying affair whose unwavering by the numbers approach rings out with sinister sincerity. www.regainrecords.comMike SOS

3 StarsArise is Patrik Johansson (Vocals), Sternberg (Guitar), L-G Jonasson (Guitar), Kaj (Bass), & Daniel Bugno (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Adrenaline Rush”
  2. “No Memory of Light”
  3. “Blindead”
  4. “They Are Coming for You”
  5. “Pitch Black”
  6. “Reckoning”
  7. “Reclaiming the Soul”
  8. “Fury”
  9. “Dead Silence”
  10. “End of Days”

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Review: Those Who Bring The Torture – Tank Gasmask Ammo [2009]

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Amazon Those Who BringSwedish death metal merchants Those Who Bring The Torture reinforce their band’s moniker by carrying out a sublime shot of what their name suggests on TANK GASMASK AMMO. While this quartet won’t be scoring any awards for most unique metal crew, their ’90s death metal meets groovy grindcore redux (“All Hail The Goat”) fits snugly between your Entombed and Dismember albums as songs like the blunt “You Should Be Brutally Slaughtered” and the D-beat madness of “Expecting a Search Visibly Hiding the Flesh” lead this unit’s riff-heavy low-growled bludgeoning. And hey, what metalhead worth their salt can resist thrashing about to a song entitled “Mutant Slut”? Providing a dash of old school good friendly violent fun, Those Who Bring the Torture have developed an admirable yet familiar blend of extreme metal goodness deserving of a few spins. -Mike SOS

3 StarsThose Who Bring The Torture is Crawl (Vocals/Guitar), Worm (Lead Guitar), & Maggot (Battery).

Track Listing:

  1. “Napalm God”
  2. “Mutant Slut”
  3. “All Hail The Goat (Lord of Great Mutation”
  4. “Tank Gasmask Ammo”
  5. “Celebrating Gamma Bliss”
  6. “Riders On The Mushroom Cloud”
  7. “Expecting A Search Visibly Hiding The Flesh”
  8. “When Humans And Axes Collide”
  9. “You Should Be Brutally Slaughtered”
  10. “Upon The Bonethrone”
  11. “Reveler In Rot”
  12. “Ionizing Rapture Altering Tissue”
  13. “Radiation Blessed”

Review: Guillotine – Blood Money [2009]

Posted in Guillotine, SOS Metal Update with tags on April 17, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-guillotineSweden’s Guillotine slay the world with their authentic brand of hostile thrash metal on the reunited unit’s latest 12-track affair BLOOD MONEY. Melding blistering speed, groovy riffs, and disciplined rhythms, there’s a whole lot of  Kreator and Exodus in these guy’s bag of tricks as tracks like “Insane Oppression” and “War” denote, yet there’s also a Sacred Reich-esque vibe permeating from cuts like “Die/Live?” and some sweet apocalyptic lyrical content in “Our Darkest Day.” And of course, being from Sweden, how can you play thrash and not borrow a bit from The Haunted (“Welcome to Dying”)? A rousing slab of headbanging and tasty riffs abound, Guillotine bind a strong cross-section of elements that make great thrash metal together, developing a stirring offering for those who enjoy an insatiable need for speed wrought in wrath. -Mike SOS

Review: Sonic Syndicate – Love And Other Disasters [2008]

Posted in Sonic Syndicate, SOS Metal Update with tags , on March 16, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-sonic-syndicateSwedish metalcore sextet Sonic Syndicate portray the perfect product of their environment, as LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS carefully follows templates from the genre’s commercial successes to comprise this band’s by the book sound.  Tracks like “Contradiction” easily fits somewhere on the Bullet for My Valentine radar, while the pseudo-ballad “My Escape” and “Damage Control” takes the keyboards out for a spin for a trip reminiscent of Scar Symmetry or Bleeding Through. Sonic Syndicate’s solid yet completely unoriginal metalcore grows weary after a few spins, but won’t tire those entrenched in flavor of the week mallcore. -Mike SOS

Review: Tiamat – Amanthes [2008]

Posted in SOS Metal Update, Tiamat with tags on February 14, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-tiamatSwedish experimental metal troupe Tiamat return with another batch of atmospheric gloom with AMANTHES. This stalwart group’s latest 14-track affair renders a multi-faceted attack, exposing both this act’s heavy and melancholic aspects. Songs like “Raining Dead Angels” take the sinister rhythm meets Goth monster vocal route while “Summertime is Gone” demonstrates a more fragile and icy metallic approach with decisively somber Swedish metal leanings. After a five-year absence, Tiamat’s return to the metal realm is laden with hints of the band’s early sound ensconced in luxurious ambience (“Meliae”), rendering a finely tuned and welcomed comeback. -Mike SOS

Review: Evergrey – Torn [2008]

Posted in Evergrey, SOS Metal Update with tags on January 30, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-evergreySwedish melodic metal machine Evergrey re-emerge with TORN, a solid 11-track affair that finds the group rediscovering  their progressive roots while keeping subtle hints from the mainstream metal style found on their last few offerings intact. Tracks like “When Kingdoms Fall” and the In Flames-esque “Nothing is Erased” showcases this squad’s prowess to nimbly straddle the line between genres without irking the diehards, while “Numb” and “Fail” showcase this unit’s ability to create tracks that are perfectly balanced between  brooding and heavy . While the amount of truly memorable songs found here is a bit low, the superior quality of the songwriting, the sterling musicianship displayed across the board, and the rekindling of their early sound makes TORN a surefooted step in the right direction for Evergrey. -Mike SOS

Review: Scar Symmetry – Holographic Universe [2008]

Posted in Scar Symmetry, SOS Metal Update with tags on January 24, 2009 by gearsofrock

amazon-scar-symFollowing in the fine tradition of the multitude of Swedish metal bands that came before them, Scar Symmetry’s third release HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE pays homage to the heroes of the Gothenburg sound yet at the same time helps this quintet establish its own identity. While it’s easy pickings to point out the In Flames chorus or the Dark Tranquility breakdown, the arrangements are what keep this band high amongst the new crop of emerging metal artists, not to mention the twin guitar tandem whose crushing riff into sweet solo formula lifts tracks like “Artificial Sun Projection” and the coarse “The Three-Dimensional Shadow” to the next level. While the pristinely polished production job may render a sterile listen to some, those who love all things Swedish metal will have no qualms with the latest from this expansive metal squad. -Mike SOS