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Recap: “That Metal Show” Episode 5 [12-13-08] Mike Piazza

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metalshow_logo1That Metal Show starring hard rock guru Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired its fifth episode on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

Episode 5 began with the question, “Do people care about new music from classic hard rock bands?” Florentine made the point that the classic bands only play one or two of the new tracks live and he disliked the trend of rerecording and/or remastering old records. “That is why I ripoff Columbia house,” said Florentine.

Jamieson cracked that “Christine Sixteen” is now in the nursing home. The hosts agreed that the bands that have stuck to their guns such as Metallica, AC/DC, Judas Priest, and Motorhead still release albums that are worth buying and hearing live.

piazzaBaseball’s all-time greatest hitting catcher, Mike Piazza was this week’s special guest who is a die hard Heavy Metal fan.

“Johnny Bench is here?” joked Jamieson as Piazza was introduced.

Mike Piazza talked about his first Kiss concert between 1977 and 1978, as well as his uncle’s role in introducing Piazza to the universe of rock.

Trunk and Piazza told a story about a Guns N’ Roses show they attended at Madison Square Garden in 2001. Axl Rose did not make it on stage until 12:30 a.m., so Piazza and Trunk hung out at the open bar for far too long. Piazza did some entertaining drunk impressions of himself from that night.

Rose took the stage wearing team jerseys of the local team’s top players throughout the performance. He wore a Messier, Strahan, Jeter, and even a Metrostars jersey. A highly offended and intoxicated Piazza yelled at Rose while standing on his seat for most of the set. Later, at the meet and greet, Piazza confronted Rose who was very apologetic. Florentine joked, “That is why Axl has been isolated for the last 12 years.”

Trunk and Florentine interviewed Brian Johnson and Angus Young of AC/DC during a pre-recorded segment. They asked them the typical questions: Where have you been? School boy attire? Practical jokes…etc. A coffee chugging Young was barely audible throughout the short interview but he said that he couldn’t play without his uniform on. Throughout the interview Florentine seemed obsessed with Young’s rear end.

Trunk went 2 for 4 on this week’s “Stump The Trunk.” A familiar “Gary from the Bronx” [asked a question on a previous episode] stumped Trunk on a Sabbath Bloody Sabbath question, and another dude stumped him on a Spaghetti Incident question. Trunk answered Florentine’s young nephew’s question correctly as well as a Dokken bass player question posed by Jen of Long Island. Trunk’s seasonal average is now .474 (9/19).

amazon-rules-of-hellThe “Pick of the Week” is a Black Sabbath box set, The Rules of Hell, which features all of the Dio recordings. “I’m not gonna get it again,” said Florentine referring to the show’s opening discussion about re-issues.

The “Email of the Week” concerned the 80’s Kiss guitarist Vinny Vincent. Trunk talked about a sex change rumor and how Vincent sued Kiss for songwriting credit. Piazza did a Gene Simmon’s impression about Kiss’s superior lawyers winning the suit.

This week’s “Throwdown” was the “Battle of the Brits: Judas Priest or Iron Maiden?” Piazza and Florentine sided with Maiden while Jamieson and Trunk went with Priest. They seem to purposely split 50/50 every episode. Trunk argued that there would be no Maiden without Priest, and Jamieson added that, “they don’t mind working with a gay guy.” The debate broke down into better replacement singer, “Blaze or ‘Ripper’ Owens.” Predictably, Tim “Ripper” Owens dominated that quick discussion. The audience sided with Priest however the hosts never asked the audience how they felt about Maiden.

Season 1 Episode 5 featuring Mike Piazza is enjoyable, entertaining, and interesting but too short. Piazza was not as involved in the episode as Mike Portnoy, and I am sure Piazza had plenty of funny stories to share. Hopefully, there will be future specials that are one hour in length. Since, they filmed a couple shows a day, there were familiar faces and boobies in the audience; I am pretty sure Gary from the Bronx asked a question in an earlier episode and I know for a fact the large chested blond from last week was in attendance.

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Next week’s episode features Ace Frehley of Kiss.

Recap: “That Metal Show” Episode 4 [12-06-08] Mike Portnoy

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metalshow_logoThat Metal Show starring hard rock guru Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired its fourth episode on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

The first topic of discussion was “rockstars being rockstars,” with much emphasis on Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. Jim Florentine made reference of the STP show at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey on May 31, 2008. Florentine, who attended the show with then girlfriend Robin Quivers, labeled it as a “crummy show,” due to Weland’s tardiness and his stumbling across the stage for the set’s duration. I have made reference to this appalling performance on several posts and was happy to see it get attention on television. It was among the worst concerts I attended in 2008.

Jamiseon pointed out that he wants “rockstars to be rockstars,” citing Zakk Wylde’s beer guzzling antics. Trunk pointed out that Wylde needed to tone it down after a recent medical scare, and that we may see Wylde shift to tea drinking.

amazon-dream-theater-motionThis week’s special guest of honor was Mike Portnoy, the legendary drummer of the progressive metal band Dream Theater. Trunk asked about Dream Theater’s ever growing and highly loyal fan base over the last 20+ years, despite receiving no radio or video airplay. Portnoy noted the lack of female fan base saying that it is only “our five wives…girlfriends…daughters” at DT concerts and they are usually miserable. Portnoy acknowledged it is easier to be faithful to their wives but there was one year in 1992 when they had some female fun with the success of “Pull Me Under.”

Other DT topics discussed included the recent release of Chaos In Motion 2007-2008 live album and DVD, Portnoy’s induction into Modern Drummer Hall of Fame, and an upcoming studio album that is currently in the works. Trunk noticed DT’s “old school” approach to recording—the band moves into an expensive NYC recording studio for five moths to write and record their albums. Portnoy said, “we are the only band stupid enough to spend half a million dollars on a record.”

ufo-logoThe next segment was pretty cheesy and scripted as the show’s hosts, along with Portnoy, visited a tattoo parlor known as East Side Ink in the East Village of NYC. Trunk thought that they were meeting a girl that was going to get a tattoo of the logo of That Metal Show. It turned out that Florentine, Jamieson, and Portnoy really wanted to convince Trunk to get a U.F.O tattoo instead. Trunk debated getting the tattoo and felt that he should have his kid’s initials if anything. Florentine joked, “they don’t have your kid’s initials, I already checked.” At the end of the skit, the viewer was left to believe Trunk got the U.F.O. tat but revealed to the studio audience that there was nothing—the audience booed. I would like to note that Jamieson wore a sweet “Sabbra Cababra” shirt throughout the skit.

amazon-ted-nugent-sweden“Stump The Trunk” was interesting this week as Trunk fielded three questions (rather than four) and there was more participation from the special guest, Portnoy. First, a long haired shaky guy asked a W.A.S.P. drummer question which Trunk nailed. Second, a giant chested fake blond woman asked about the original 1982 Exodus lineup. Trunk couldn’t answer correctly and she received the Ted Nugent Sweden Rocks DVD. The final question came from a skinny drummer with the actual drum notes of DT’s “6:00” on his arm. Portnoy guessed the song based on the clue “1995.” The skinny drummer asked Trunk about Tesla’s Five Fan Acoustical Jam, which Trunk also incorrectly answered, making him 1/3 on this episode—Trunk is now batting under .500 with a .467 (7/15).

The “Pick of the Week” is the Judas Priest concept album, Nostradamus [read our review here], released over the summer. Trunk urged everyone to revisit the record because there are many great tunes that flew “under the radar.”

amazon-extreme-saudadesAn email came in regarding the status of Extreme and the submitter left off with “Hi Jim.” Florentine joked that there is a “rub and tug” up in Conecticut, however Julie is not a Russian name. Trunk responded that Extreme recently released Saudades de Rock [read our track-by-track review here] and they are currently on tour. Why this fan didn’t know this is beyond me.

“The Throwdown” debate was “Britny Fox vs. Brittney Spears.” Portnoy chose a pre-rehab Spears as he is a long time fan, and Jamieson likes Spears because he has seen her privates. Trunk and Florentine sided with Fox because of the sexy girls in the video for “Girl School,” and because this is a heavy metal show. The audience, however, seemed to side with Spears.

Overall, another good episode as the guests have become more involved with each show. I also believe that Florentine and Jamieson are still worthy to discuss hard rock related topics given this forum. However, the tattoo bit was too scripted and cheesy.

Next week’s guest is one of my favorite baseball players of all-time, future Hall of Famer Mike Piazza.

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Recap: “That Metal Show” Episode 3 [11-29-08]

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metalshow_logo3That Metal Show starring hard rock guru Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired its third episode on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

The first topic of discussion was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s shortcomings when it comes to hard rock and heavy metal. Trunk, sporting an interesting “Ruben Studdard” style leather jacket, stated that the Rock Hall of “Shame” is a joke even though Metallica is on the short list for induction this year. Florentine, wearing a cool “Blizzard of Ozz” long sleeve tee, pointed out that Metallica was never accepted by the Rolling Stone critics and the Grammy’s until they cut their hair.

blizzard-teeDee Snider and Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister were introduced as this week’s special guests, and continued the discussion. Snider described the Rock Hall as “offensive,” citing the lack of metal icons like Alice Cooper in the Hall. French noted that the museum’s section depicting the “History of Atlantic Records” stops at 1979, when Heavy Metal exploded.

According to Snider and French, TS began as a NY Dolls “clone band” with French unable to sing Led Zeppelin tunes. Snider joined the band and they worked the east coast bar scene playing much of Led Zeppelin I.

It turned out that Snider and French inspired Florentine to pursue comedy with their live stage banter. Snider even picked on a teenage Florentine at a concert for not pumping his fists, who was holding two beers in the front row.

amazon-twisted-sisterFrench and Trunk recently attended a Heaven and Hell concert at Radio City Music Hall, where French was amazed at how well Dio can front Black Sabbath. However, Snider thinks Dio is too old.

Florentine stated that TS “kicked ass” when they closed “Rocklahoma.” Snider is proud that all five original members can still perform and that the only excuse not to play a reunion show is “death.”

French explained three upcoming TS events: #1 is the recently released Live at Astoria DVD, #2 is the Dec. 5 “Twisted Christmas on Broadway” show (I’ll be there, so make sure you say “hey”), and #3 is next year’s 25th anniversary “Stay Hungry” tour with the original stage setup. Snider noted that this will be the final time TS will perform in costume and makeup.

kissologyTrunk remains with a .500 average on “Stump The Trunk.” I was surprised he forgot that Metallica’s James Hetfield was scorched in Montreal…Trunk answered “Salt Lake City.” The studio member couldn’t remember the guitarist that replaced Hetfield for several shows, but neither could Trunk. The guy ended up picking two prizes from the “Box of Junk.” The prize box greatly improved this episode by including some classic albums and DVDs rather than the same “Kissology” DVD. Trunk answered questions regarding The Scorpions and Mötley Crüe drumming correctly. However, Trunk originally answered the Crüe question with Randy Castillo but then changed to Samantha Maloney, the correct answer.

The “Pick of the Week” was the Heavy Metal box set issued by Rhino records. It has been out for just over a year and is shaped like a Marshall amp head with knobs that go to 11.

amazon-heavy-metal“What’s up with Cinderella?” was the email question of the week. Trunk said that Tom Keifer has been having some trouble with his voice. Snider said that singers like Keifer and Brian Johnson [AC/DC] have a style that is very harsh on the vocal chords.

The “Throwdown” question had to do with the most loyal fans—The Kiss Army or Rush fans? French and Florentine sided with Rush fans while Trunk, Snider, and Jamieson picked the Kiss Army. Trunk pointed out that Kiss fans have put up with lineup changes and even disco. French said that Rush fans have far more class and then ripped on Gene Simmons for embarrassing the Kiss trademark and went as far to say that Simmons “doesn’t respect his fans.” Florentine joked that Clay Aiken has an army too. Jamieson asked the studio audience, “Kiss or Rush?” and the audience seemed split right down the middle. Last week, the crowd was overwhelmingly for Black Sabbath over Led Zeppelin.

Overall, another great episode of That Metal Show. I must note that there was no comedic bit with Jamieson and Florentine as seen in the first two shows. Instead, the additional time was devoted to the week’s guests, which of course worked out very well with Snider and French providing interesting insights. Looking forward to next week’s show with Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater.

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Recap: That Metal Show Episode 2 [11-22-08]

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metalshow_logo2That Metal Show starring hard rock guru Eddie Trunk, comedian Jim Florentine, and Inside The NFL’s Don Jamieson aired its second episode on VH1 Classic last night at 11 p.m.

The first topic of discussion concerned the release of Metallica’s Death Magnetic. Florentine had nothing but praise for the record while Trunk and Jamieson acknowledged its production issues. Trunk went as far to cite the fact that there is no mastering credit on the album because Ted Jensen did not want his name or reputation to suffer. In my opinion, the distorted quality in certain parts provides a refreshing rawness that is no longer heard on hard rock records. Remember, The Ramones and Black Sabbath would record their early albums in just days which gave their work that genuine rock attitude and classic personality.

The special guest this week was legendary heavy metal guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. He cracked that his “plane almost crashed” on his way from his Florida home. Trunk cracked back that his death would have been great press for That Metal Show. Malmsteen talked about the making of his latest record, Perpetual Flame, and the replacement of vocalist Doogie White with Tim “Ripper” Owens [Judas Priest/Iced Earth]. He also said that Sept. 18, 1970, the day that Hendrix died really inspired him to play guitar as he watched news segments of Hendrix’s famous showmanship. Malmsteen picked up his signature yellow Fender Stratocaster and played some nasty licks to take the show into the first commercial break.

This week’s comedic skit sent Florentine and Jamieson to the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square where they posed as tour guides. They joked that Lou Reed plays guitar for Velvet Revolver and Wesley Snipes played the saxophone for Bruce Springsteen while pointing to their respective photos. Next, they took the hapless tourists on a “backstage tour” aka the maintenance room where they made up ludicrous facts about Metallica and Slash using a busted old phone and a broken pipe. The segment ended with a Bret Michaels autographed guitar (presumably fake) being dropped by Jamieson and resulting with the removal of the tour from the restaurant. Trunk noticed that Jamieson didn’t make out with any chicks this episode, referring to episode one’s Van Halen concert segment. Florentine commented that Jamieson did get a dude’s number.

On “Stump The Trunk,” Trunk kept his batting average at .500 getting the first two questions wrong from the audience about Marty Friedman’s first solo record and a Creatures of the Night bumble. Trunk salvaged his reputation by correctly answering a Judas Priest production question and an easy Twisted Sister question.

The episode’s “Pick of the Week” was Get Thrashed [2006], a documentary of the history of thrash metal. The DVD consists of stories about legendary acts such as Metallica, Anthrax, Exodus, Megadeth, and Slayer. May I recommend the DVD Riphouse 151: Could’ve Beens and Wanna Be’s by Peter O’Brien when it comes available for future consideration.

This week’s question from a viewer was “What ever happened to those guys in Stryer?” Florentine answered that they broke up and have reunited, but ditched the bumble bee suits. Jamieson cracked that they “look like they were stung by bees” [ha ha ha…fat joke].

“The Throwdown” consisted of the classic question “Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin?” However, the debate focussed on the band’s influence to hard rock music. Malmsteen chose Deep Purple, which was bigger than both Sabbath and Zeppelin in his native Sweden. Trunk went with Zeppelin because the question asked in terms of hard rock influence, but Sabbath would trump Zeppelin if it was influence on Heavy Metal. Trunk also argued that Zeppelin would sell out stadiums all over the world, but Florentine was quick to point out that Zeppelin hasn’t played in 25 years. Malmsteen randomly chimed in with “Sabbath with Dio.” The audience seemed overwhelmingly pro-Sabbath. As the credits rolled, Malmsteen played some more of his signature nasty classical metal guitar licks.

Overall, this episode was an improvement from last week’s pilot. It is safe to say that this show will only get better each week as the hosts work out any little kinks (like everyone getting a Kiss boxed set for Stumping the Trunk) with experience. Malmsteen served as a better guest than Lita Ford and surprisingly wasn’t an arrogant d*ck like he is often portrayed. Prior to episode one, I was skeptical about comedians Florentine and Jamieson serving as co-hosts to the godly Trunk. After this episode, they have proved that they are in fact worthy, bringing up notable mainstream points shared by metalheads, and certainly possess a fine chemistry with the show and Trunk.

Next week’s guests are Dee Snider and Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister!

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