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Merry Christmas GOR Readers – May It Be Very Twisted!!!

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Twisted Sister Destroys Nokia Theatre With “A Twisted Christmas On Broadway” 12-05-08

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Twisted Sister put on a stunning rock and roll show while spreading holiday cheer in New York City at Times Square’s Nokia Theatre. The set included TS classics as well as their revamped heavy metal Christmas songs displayed on A Twisted Christmas.

12-05-08-dee-fistThe band channeled a great degree of effort and a large sum of money into building a stage worthy of this year’s Twisted cheer.

The guitar techs were dressed as elves, while the band Little Kiss pulled a sleigh bearing a Santa dressed Dee Snider onto the stage.

Twisted Sister, led by Dee Snider, ripped through classic tracks such as “The Price,” “Destroyer,” “You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll,” and “Burn in Hell.”

12-05-08-ts-litaLita Ford performed gloriously as a special guest during “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” as she beautifully sang alternate verses of the tune with Snider.

The legendary WWE wrestler Mick Foley walked on stage, dressed as Santa Claus, asking the members of TS what they most wanted for Christmas…guess what Snider wanted?

“I WANNA ROCK!” Snider screamed, leading the band into their classic hit.

Throughout the set, Snider kicked Christmas ornament shaped beach balls into the sold-out audience.

Other holiday tunes performed by TS included “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” “Deck The Halls,” “Silver Bells,” and “White Christmas.”

Twisted Sister has hardly changed over the last 25 years—Snider still runs the stage like a psychotic ringmaster, Jay Jay French rips borderline inappropriate banter into the microphone, Eddie Ojeda wails away on his hypnotic axe, Mark Mendoza lays down the law on the bass, and A.J. Pero brings the thunder on the drums.12-05-08-dee-mick-2

The fact of the matter is that everyone in attendance was on their feet, shouting along, and fist pumping like the “SMFs” they are (even if they are only a 10 year old accompanying their parents).

“A Twisted Christmas on Broadway” is a MUST SEE if you are in the NYC area on Dec. 6.

During the set, Snider mentioned that a TS Christmas musical is in the works for 2009.

Top-Down: Dee Snider (dressed as Santa) Jay Jay French (left) & Mark Mendoza (right) open the show with “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas;” Dee Snider pumps his fist of rock; Lita Ford performs with Snider in leather red reindeer suit; Santa Claus aka Mick Foley [Cactus Jack/Mankind] asks the band what they want for the holidays—all concert photos taken by K. Meds Dec. 05.

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5 Songs For Your Election Day Playlist

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Without getting too political on a rock and roll website, I’d like to state that this is arguably the most exciting election of our lifetimes. We will bring either the first African-American into the chief position or see the first female Vice President. No matter how you look at it, Americans are angry and upset with the Bush administration and are in the need of major relief. Here are five tunes for your Nov. 4 playlists to aid in this celebration…

Top 5 Election Day Tunes

1. “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister [Stay Hungry 1984]—Dee Snider and the boys (that dress up like girls) have never backed down from anyone; whether it is a street fight or the US Congress, Twisted Sister takes no prisoners making this tune the definitive track of this election.

2. “American Idiot” by Green Day [American Idiot 2004]—You can say what you want about Green Day sucking and being overplayed by mainstream radio, but this song exemplifies the post 9/11 policies of our government, and serves as an anthem for those who saw the stupidity and hypocrisy in them. Turn it up loud and proud on election day.

3. “The Day That Never Comes” by Metallica [Death Magnetic 2008]—This song has been described as the biggest “downer” on this record, but the last eight years have given Americans this same dismal outlook of this title many times. Now we can exercise the demons by rocking them out hard.

4. “The Good Life” by Weezer [Pinkerton 1997]—This geek rock tune appeared on Weezer’s best album and perhaps the best alternative rock record ever. This is another track that can represent the willingness for getting back to where we want to be—the top of the world with respect and dignity.

5. “Vote With A Bullet” by Corrosion of Conformity [Blind 1991]—First of all, this track is not about going on a shooting spree on election day — but then again, the song isn’t really about a bullet vote either. One can guess that it is about demanding change, ridding politicians of corruption, and all that jazz. Honestly, I just really dig the heavy guitar riffs, Pepper Keenan’s scruffy vocals, and the hard rock that this song delivers.

So, what are your top five election day songs?

PS: I am not endorsing either candidate—the Gears of Rock endorses a new beginning that will hopefully be brought on by the results of Nov. 4.

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