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Review: Destroy Destroy Destroy – Battle Sluts [2009]

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Amazon Destroy Destroy DestroyDestroy Destroy Destroy’s sophomore effort showcases a multi-faceted metal attack that blends Viking metal might and symphonic black metal grandiosity with a perpetual classic metal vibe running throughout this unit’s 12-track affair entitled BATTLE SLUTS. Meshing the styles of 3 Inches of Blood, Manowar, and Children of Bodom within the confines of a war-torn battlefield, this battle-hungry sextet bash out a histrionic blast of fantasy metal that goes perfect with a pair of 12-sided dice and a stack of Conan the Barbarian novels (“Agents of Hypocrisy”). Borrowing a chunk of their style from the epic and power metal fields (especially referenced via the atmospheric keyboard presence permeated throughout) while slaying with a convincing twin guitar battering (“Born of Thunder,” “The Wretched Forrest”), those who enjoy metal with a medieval twist will have little problem tuning into this band of warrior’s theatrical offering. www.blackmarketactivities.comMike SOS

4 StarsDestroy Destroy Destroy is Bryan Kemp (Vocals), Way Barrier (Guitar), Jeremiah Scott (Guitar), Adam Phillips (Bass), David Shaw (Drums), & Brian Shorter (Keyboards).

Track Listing:

  1. “The Second Coming”
  2. “Battle Upon the Arctic Plains”
  3. “Beyond the Scorpion Gate”
  4. “Realm of Ancient Shadows”
  5. “Born of Thunder”
  6. “To Die Without Honor (Interlude)”
  7. “The Winged Panther”
  8. “The Wretched Forest”
  9. “The Berserker’s Field of Whores”
  10. “Agents of Hypocrisy”
  11. “The Return of the Geishmal Undead”
  12. “Battle Slut Drinking Song”

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Review: Thyrfing – Hels Vite [2009]

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amazon-thyrfingSwedish Viking metal veterans Thyrfing have undergone some lineup changes (most notably vocally) since their last offering in 2005, yet this quintet seems to have gained strength from the shakeup and have decisively become darker in the process. HELS VITE is the troupe’s icy seven-track statement, a releases which comes complete with a proper balance of menacing guitars, gargantuan drums, tortured growls, and keyboard flourishes driving cuts like “Griftefrid” straight down into the depths of Hell, while “Isolation” works under a deliberate pace while emitting dramatic blackened vibes accentuated with acoustic guitar interludes and battleground horns that you’d expect from any corpsepainted crew a cut above the median. If you’re a fan of bombastic black metal with an evil streak a mile wide, HELS VITE provides all the nuances necessary to get your demonic kicks. -Mike SOS

Review: Equilibrium – Sagas [2008]

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amazon-equilibriumOnce the horns blast in about a minute into “Prolog Auf Erden”, you know what kind of experience you’re headed for courtesy of Bavarian quintet Equilibrium and their authentic 13-track folk metal explosion SAGAS. Shades darker than their peers, this act bashes out with the same strep throat vocals and voluminous velocity of bands such as Cradle of Filth and Children of Bodom (“Unbesiegt”) but doesn’t leave its roots in the cold, going as far as singing all of their songs in their native tongue of German and implementing traditional instrumentation such as woodwinds into its blackened metallic assault. In a world where power chords and pan flutes collide, Equilibrium stands strong on top of the heap, adorned with the proper balance of shredding metal and folksy banter to persuade even the most hardened metal fan to take another gander at that Viking helmet and sword combination deal. www.nuclearblastusa.comMike SOS

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Review: Various Artists – Pagan Fire [2008]

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amazon-pagan-fireThose looking to become acquainted with the pagan, folk, and Viking strain of metal would be remiss to pass on picking up PAGAN FIRE, the 16-track compilation disc assembled by Nuclear Blast. Running the gamut both spatial and stylistically, this collection showcases pioneering squads such as Bathory to the latest acts ranging from Eluveitie to Thyrfing. A bevy of multi-layered metal assaults containing the genre’s unique instrumentation, well-textured songwriting, and a flair for the fantastic in all of its glorious splendor is delivered here with a deserved pageantry and revelry leading the brigade. Providing a one stop shop for a place where tin whistles,  thrash guitars, symphonic keyboards, and folksy overtones coexist, if your interested has been piqued by the likes of Turisas and Amon Amarth and you’d like to delve further, this is a great place to start. . www.nuclearblastusa.comMike SOS